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Hi guys, but how do you make up for the absence of guns with the Indians? Which elephants do you use to take down the skirmishers?

You use Sowars or Mahouts.

Mahouts are very good at taking down skirmisher masses and recently they were made more viable in an update.

Also now in age 4 there you can send 2 mysorean rockets from the home city. Those are good against skirmishers.

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Urumi are great vs skirms as well.

They are not as effective as elephants you have 7 urumi but with shoot and run you make too many losses, 3 or 2 mahouts are more convenient, however it is still useful to act as a shield and block them melee.

Skirmishers are the most likely units to survive a battle, no matter who you’re playing with or against.

the general rules apply:

  1. use ‘heavy’ cavalry like Sowars and Mahouts
  2. Use artillery available via the consulate or the Age IV mysorean Rockets cards


Focus your efforts on taking out the other units first, Because as I said skirmishers are the most likely to survive, even when you have easy access to artillery.

But skirmishers without support die easily to cavalry, Ururmi is great for taking out heavy infantry super-quick.