Information about different anti-aliasing options?

There are different options now under anti-aliasing but I have no ideas the benefits or disadvantages of any of them.

Can we get some info on why a player would pick one over the other?

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Turning off the AA makes the game look more crisp and clear, while creating some minor jagged edges.

Pros to turning off AA
-more defined units that don’t blend into the background
-better performance
-More original AoE feel

Cons of turning off AA
-Some jagged edges will appear as a result of not blending colors along edges.

I can’t really decide which one I like better honestly, it’s a matter of preference.

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This is a good explanation. FXAA is also less taxing, so its better for players who want anti-aliasing, but have low-end systems, though I’m not entirely sure how big the performance difference actually is.

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Simple answer: turn all of them off in-game, then go into your graphic card manager (AMD Control Center or Nvidia Control Panel) and enable FXAA.

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I don’t think that works for Nvidia. I tried it before this recent update after I turned off TAA with the mod and I couldn’t see any difference between the game without AA and the game with FXAA enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel. There is a very noticeable difference between AA off and FXAA enabled in-game. What I find gives me the best result in terms of visual quality is to keep TAA on and to then apply sharpening with the NCP, but I play on 1366×768. I imagine on higher resolutions AA won’t be as necessary as in my case.