Ingame leaderboard and Ingame tournament menu for AOEIV

We have to discuss that why this feature has not been in the game yet.

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It is so sketchy that the players have to use a 3rd party website to check their places in the leaderboard. I think that makes the game look frivolous.

Everybody will be happy whit that feature in the game inside!

Hopefully we will see it in the next patch or earlier.

Thank you for listening.

The other part is about the tournament. Obviosuly we do not want a 100 $ tournaments but with some filterisation it can be a useful part of the game for pros and for the viewers too.

i think this would be a great addition to the game not only is it convenient. But its resourceful and encourages player to play and get better.

Would like this too. If you can setup your own tournaments or leagues.

You could make one with friends or even with ai if you wanted to.

Leaderboards should be in game as well.

Aoe2 has it already and can go to the official website to look at your your stats. The aoe2 xbox version has it. They will probably have to add it for the aoe4 xbox version. Cant expect xbox players to look on a website