Inquiry about functions of the Walls

  • Will walls going to protect defenders and make attackers not able to shoot units on the other side?
    (In Total War, units do have X-Ray Eyes and can still shoot units on the other side precisely which make walls useless)
  • Will some units on the walls allowed to fall down to their own death if the wall is crowded?
  • Will defenders have the ability to burn siege towers?

What other concerns do you have regarding walls?

Are the Walls not balanced and a way too good possibility to rush enemy?
How to command troups on walls?

Wall rush?
Build walls next to the enemy base instead of towers.
I wonder if there is something to prevent that or make that harder.

  • Is there a separate structure that allows defenders to ascend the walls, and if so, does that cost more than an ordinary piece of the wall? Or are defenders allowed to ascend at every junction between adjacent sections of wall?
  • Will walls block line of sight in the same way as stealth forests?
  • Will archers standing on walls get additional attack, range, or line of sight?
  • Will destroying gates automatically kill units passing through them, and will destroying walls automatically kill units standing on them?
  • Will trebuchets outrange all defensive structures/units, like in AOE2? Or will defenders be able to construct similar projectile weapons that are fixed on walls and that are able to range attackers?
  • If you manage to get units inside the enemy base using siege towers, is there a way to unlock the enemy gate for the rest of your forces? Or will you always need more siege than just siege towers to take down an opponent?
  • How does the price and construction time of walls compare to those for towers, and the analogous structures from AOE2?

I have so many questions haha.


I think walls are gonna take longer to build than in age 2 or 3 due to being able to walk on them. I bet they will be stronger too

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I think those “wall turrets” are automatically built junctions that allows defenders to ascend the wall. If not then they are created by placing a turret on top of a wall and that would allow units to ascend. Presumably Gates will also allow units to ascend.

God I hope so. Or at the very least block normal LoS but still allow tall buildings to be spotted.

Presumably, in fact almost certainly, yes. Though we have no direct confirmation.

Seems very likely, imo.

I see no reason why trebs wouldn’t be able to outrange all defenses. It’s a classic rts “archetype” that serves the function of accelerating the game towards a conclusion in the late-game. You see units that fill similar purposes in everything from Starcraft to C&C.

I think that’s the idea actually, that you can temporarily “cap” the gate, but we have no direct confirmation on this.

We have no idea atm. It can swing both ways honestly.


But if they take really long to build you can’t use them defensively either.

Also Delhi can build them using Infantry (Not sure if Archers too), that could be very powerful in the offence. Just build one part of wall and than use it as a tower. You don’t even have to use villager time for it.

I think there are a number of things to talk about here :

  • Firstly the concept of walling off your base is done differently from RTS game to RTS game. Looking at how it has been done historically in AOE is that it can be a mix of buildings AND walls, from what I understand you can no longer use buildings as a method of walling off your base in AOE4 as they have natural pathways as part of the buildings footprint (Space for units to move in between) meaning that the use of walls should be more prevalent.

AOE2DE use of buildings as part of walls to block enemies

AOE4 Building footprints and natural pathways:

  • Secondly unit interactions with the walls in AOE 4 - we know that you can have units on the walls and that there is siege equipment (siege towers) which allow attackers to mount those same walls. As for defenders gaining access it would appear that where you have the towers as part of the walls there are little doors which I would assume are entry points. there also seems to be counter play against siege towers from the actual towers themselves,when you look at the game play trailer - they have a "buff " hovering over them showing that they have potentially had a upgrade applied to apply fire damage to siege?

Potential entry/exit points to mount/dismount walls in AOE4:

Tower anti siege buff? Speculation at most:

  • Thirdly the cost of building walls, palisade or stone and the notion that some CIVs wont have access to walls (Mongols for example). Palisade should be very cheap and quick to build as they would be weaker than their stone counter parts.

  • Fourthly you need to take into account of the asymmetric civs in AOE4, for example the English have been described as a defensive/ turtling civ which could mean they have boosts to their defensive structures via specialist tech unique to them. Maybe upgrades or civ traits where they can build walls quicker and at a lower cost. As a counter you could have civs who have superior siege equipment, an assumption is that the mongols would be an anti turtler civ based on their the cannons that they can deploy.

Mongol Siege cannons (Civ specific siege equipment? Very Strong anti structure unit)


No, it just means it will take awhile before you’re fully walled. Look at Britons, they have a quick palisade up in the early game and then stone walls a little later

One important question is how you get on the walls?
Can the owner just walk on them?
Can you only get on them in the places they have a tower?
Can enemies get onto walls from behind without siege towers? Is there even a behind?

If the owner of a wall can just let his troops walk on it from any angle at any place but enemies only with a siege tower it would be the best strategy to build lots of small wall sections and use them as towers.


thanks for pointing out my find :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder if they are always behind towers.
They could just be the entrance to the tower. But can you even station archers in a tower anymore?

I don’t know, it would make sense for them to have stairs or something but whatever…
If it is the entrance to the tower, it is an entrance to the wall, you can see doors(tiny doors) on the tower with stairs that lead to the ramparts.
I think you will be able to, I mean, why wouldn’t you be able to station them?

No problem :slight_smile:

From what they said it’s also likely that if a section of the wall is destroyed, enemy units could pour in and enter the walls (ramparts) to attack the owner of the wall.

It’ll probably be easier to build siege towers, fill them with swordsmen and gain access that way.

I’m already imagining the awesome Helms Deep maps people will make

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Actually, I think I know what this is. I’m fairly certain that this buff is the new alarm mechanic for the English, based on the other places we see it in the released footage. Basically, when a defensive structure spots the enemy, nearby units and buildings will fire faster for a short period. You can see that the same color glow surrounds the archers on the walls, and the same gold smoke comes from a town center in another piece of released footage.

Agree, that must be it.
Not sure how useful it’s going to be though. You could just keep your army back, walk up with one unit to trigger the buff then attack full force when it wears off.

Exactly. Also, I’d prefer if they minimized the number of immersion-breaking visuals, so I’m not sure this additional mechanic is worth the weird gold smoke and glows everywhere.

That would give them precious moments to prepare which you would not want. If you are aiming for the element of surprise than sending 1 unit in to trigger the alarm isn’t wise.