Inquiry on the so-called new and improved AI

Note: Questions relate to a 4v4 with me and 3 other AIs versus 4 other AIs on Hardest. I’m Lithuanians

The AI I’m pocketing or is suppose to pocket me never makes enough units. Even if to defend itself. It usually just sits there booming but never produces much military.

I’ve won with the other new civs like this and the AI was OK. Its only when I’m Lithuanian is when the AI sucks. Did the new patch somehow affect the AI? The enemy AI is always better than the AI I’m next to whether I’m rushing in Feudal or Castle.

Even if I give the AI enough time to boom and make military units (30 mins) it still won’t train military.

Any suggestions? Did the AI get bugged in the last patch?

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Hello MuadDib16,

So you have a recorded game that you can attach that showcases the issue(s)?