Insane censorship in AOE2 DE (Urgent)

I think one unintended consequence of the sensitive swearing filter is that it makes toxic players say even more extreme things because they are unable to release their rage with swearing. For example, look how angry my opponent got after I made a comeback and beat him last night.

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Well it doesn’t matter but…, what civ were you playing and did you pick?

I did Mayans / Random Civ (if enemy goes random). He didn’t go random, he picked Burgundians, so I got Mayans.

Btw it’s a good idea to put (Urgent) in the thread title :smiley:

The content filter is super annoying.
You can’t prevent people from swearing anyway by chat, so what is the purpose of banning more than obvious curse words?

For me lag, crashes and tg matchmaking is killing the game, the content filter is bad but neglectable.


Where are you based? I’m in the UK with a fairly old PC (4th gen i5 processor, 16gb ram) and I hardly ever get lag or crashes. I play 1v1 almost exclusively though, so I guess that helps but still, I don’t recall ever having that many issues in team games either. Obviously more problems than 1v1 but still not that bad.

i am in central europe, with fiber internet and a nasa computer.

it doesn’t matter.

other match participants cause the lag.
the game simulation is throttled to the match participant with the slowest computer.
even if my client still runs with >150fps and i have <30ms pingtime to server, the unit animations and command delay is bound to the game simulation, limited by other players.

Dude, that guy is epic levels of salty. I know I shouldn’t find the whole “wished death and possibly threatened homicide” thing funny, but I find it a little bit funny.

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I’m scared that almost nothing in that discussion was censored, and when i said to my opponent “Vietnamese elephants are strong but slow”, my opponent could only read “Vietnamese elephants are ###### ### slow”


Writing 100% game-related words: bad.
Using one swear word when talking with friends: bad.
Wishing death on someone just because they won: good.
They might as well remove the filters as they clearly don’t work. American-style censorship is so weird.


I actually did report the guy and nothing happened. I checked on aoe2 companion and he’s still playing ranked games.


Haven’t played the game for months now. Just passing through the forums and I see nothing has changed. Gonna give it another year and see if they fixed it.

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Yes it also happen to me that the enemy team keep saying that my mother should die in some asian language which I barely understand some of these. I try to report after the game but nothing happen

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