Insane censorship in AOE2 DE (Urgent)

As you all know, aoe2 de has a major issue with censorship which affects gameplay in a negative aspect. Players can be muted for no reason whats so ever, as well as banned without a reason for their ban. The staff also do not give out sufficient proof for this. So you can be banned from the game for doing nothing wrong, this is certainly a dangerous road to go down. Since I started playing I noticed that a lot of my friends were getting muted or banned in-game because of the censorship system in aoe2 de. Also, there is no place I could find a place to appeal these mutes people are getting left and right for doing nothing. it would be great if the devs can address them, and remove all censorship from the game, it truly is killing the game.


Someone found a fix there What's up with the "strong language" filter on this later hotfix?. Basically you can either sign out of Xbox live or disable the filter if you have an Xbox.


I have not heard about people being banned in DE before. Are people really getting banned for no apparent reason?


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This is pretty serious stuff you’re bringing here. Multiple people are really getting banned and muted for being caught on the filter? Could you provide further info concerning that?

As Yorok0 said above, it’s been unheard of a person that’s been banned or muted at all.


There has been only a handful of bans in DE afaik, and these were clearly identified hackers/desynchers. I am not aware of anyone being banned for no apparent reason.


At the very least the banned person should be informed about reason for ban, so that he understands what he did wrong and whether he should appeal.


Ive literally been muted, and My friend has been banned. I have no idea who to email for support.

My friend has been banned recently, and ive been muted for 24 hours. Is there any email support since I’d like to get unmuted.

Ty fella. You just helped a friend.

A question- What do a hacker who make mods of MIcrosoft games- Aoe 2 HD at the Official Microsoft Aoe 2 site ???

About the game, MIcrosoft may stop allowing players from different teams to write any messages to the enemy team during a game, or every player may have an OPTION at the game options to receive or not messages and from which players.

Ask for assistance on the official discord.

I wasnt aware that the filter could mute you or ban you. Is this really the case? I mean, when playing with friends vs. AI and we try to chat with each other but get filtered, we sometimes start spamming each other either trying to figure out what we typed that was so offensive, or just for fun. If that lighthearted banter can result in short-term or long-term mutes, or bans, that would be good to know. And it should, then, also get fixed because Steam or Xbox friends playing vs. AI should not be subject to the same level of filter scrutiny (or any level, for that matter… conversations should be private), as strangers who play.

And, yes, sometimes private conversations are made over AoE chat… whether they be million dollar business invention ideas, RTS gameplay ideas, or dinner plan discussions (when, where, who, time)… I don’t feel Microsoft should be able to view those conversations. Are they able to view them, and do they? If so, that’s not cool… especially for private games

Well, before accessing the multiplayer services you agreed on terms that ensured them the capabilities of doing that. If you want to discuss stuff that aren’t in pair with the conditions proposed by their terms (I’m not considering the filter here) or even just don’t want your subject matters being available to be read by them, I recommend using other chat services.

And by the way @SquareCafe83070, I found that

Still, I’d expect them to respect peoples’ privacy, and not sit there with a team reading chats all day with a bowl of popcorn :joy:

Agreed, this is ridiculous. I want no censorship at all, we have an awesome community. This is stupid, a complete slap in the face to us. At least give us an option to turn off all censorship. As it is, it’s disgusting


I don’t think they spend time reading chat logs when it’s not necessary. But this comes useful when a player contest a mute or ban, for example. Staff can access the logs to show the contestant the reasons why they got penalized.

But anyway, that’s how every game with a text chat work nowadays, this is not suprising at all.

But anyway, that’s how every game with a text chat work nowadays, this is not suprising at all.

This. So much this. Believe me, gaming companies/publishers scrape a lot of info while you’re using their services…chat can not only be monitored in real-time, but I’m sure there’s logs of every whisper/chat msg etc

I dont think this was a worry in the original AoEs, but could be wrong; and I think that’s more my point. Just feel that in old direct LAN connections there was a semblance of, or absolute privacy (from MS). As the chat service gets farther away from that including the addition of chat filtration, just is a reminder for people their chats maybe arent as private as they’d think or like them to be. So, don’t share your million dollar ideas in post-game chats when you’re shootin’ the breeze unless you’re cool with the ideas getting stolen :wink:

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As an edit, you can get rid of it by signing out of the xBox account

This is getting way absurd. Some examples of the words I have lately been unable to say:

-“r e h o s t”
-“new game”
-Random numbers and taunts

The filter is absolutelly arbitrary. The same words and sentences that are allowed for some players are forbidden words for others.

This makes communicating highly challenging and makes team games overtly difficult.