Insane LAG on multiplayer (never seen before)

I never had any issues playing before in 2019 or early january 2020, but I gave this game a couple of weeks to play some other games and I came back around feb 25th.
I tried playing a multiplayer 1v1 agains AI and got some random freezes and delay between commands which I found odd, since I would be the host and it was against AI, but the delay between commands wasn’t that bad.
Today I tried a couple more games against AI on multiplayer and I had like 5-10 minutes delay between commands, like WTF?
Even in dark age, I was trying to hunt some deer and my villagers cleared all of the deer without a mill. Later they came back and build 3 mills. I tried to pause the game and it showed “9 out of 10 pauses left” but it didn’t pause. I “played” for 5 more minutes and then it paused.
I really need help with this. Single player is normal


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