Insanely High Ping

Hi everyone,

So since the last server maintenance can’t really connect to mutliplayer games anymore( I can connect to the multiplayer server though). When I go to host a game only 3 servers are displayed to me at all and all of them have pings of over 250. The one that would be closest to me (US east) is not even diplayed at all. I did make a Benchmarktest and got aresult of oer 1100.

Conicedentally, I also upgraded my Internet at the same time. However as promised the new connection is actually faster (now at 50 Mps) and every other programm shows this too.

I have no idea how to fix this (Firewall is already exemtping AoE 2 DE) and hope that maybe one of you can help.

Thank you so much!

yesterday i played a game having a huge lag, and i had a huge ping too. Can’t explain why it happened yesterday and not the days before. I thought it was a network issue, but everything else worked fine. If i am not alone in this case, then it may indeed be a server issue.

Ok so in case someone has a similar issue in the future, i resolved mine.

Apparently public Ips are runnign out and my internet provider had put me in sth called a cornered network. Certain programms don’t deal well with this and that is what caused the issue. Once i got switched back to a public IP, the issue was resolved