i am honestly unable to understand how to install this game. i have purchased a game key online. Microsoft store recognizes it just fine. but the button to install it is inactive. if i click to install on my devices - it does not find any. and if i just click on downloads and updates, and get updates it says that im good to go, but it does not download my game. but it appears on my all owned list. it is so weird.
have i purchased some wrong version?
i have read so many posts online and couldn’t find anything like this.
is there any other way that i can download a game without Microsoft store?
please help.

I have Steam version, so not sure I can help. But I found these old threads that may help you piece together the puzzle? JexBall has a post at the bottom of each.

JexBall doesn’t offer very much info and doesn’t go into their thought process on why they are asking, but one time JexBall asks if the player was opted into the beta at all. Which makes me wonder that if maybe the beta was previously installed, maybe it could get in the way? In which case, uninstall that game first if you have it, perhaps? Or, maybe if you opted into the beta somewhere before, try to opt out of it?

The other time JexBall gives a link to the game in the MS Store. Maybe confirm you are trying to get the correct version of the game? I don’t know what alternative could exist, whether it be beta, bundle, or otherwise, but just thought I’d point you to that thread below, too.

One last thing, check to make sure you’re on latest version of Windows 10. I remember that being an issue for a while for some users. At the time, you had to be version 1903 or above, as I recall. I guess you can probably hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press “r” at same time, then type “winver” to find out? Not positive, but pretty sure that’d work. Web search if you need help on that or updating your Windows version.

UPDATE: Just saw this thread, too, talking about game store version number, if it helps…

thanks a lot for the reply. I have submitted a feedback on microsoft store. thats the closest i could find to a ticket. and if that wont help i will try and call a support line.
i honestly can’t understand why would someone make this so hard to install a game. it’s stupid.

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Good idea. Hope someone there or here can get you to where you need to be! (i.e., playing AoE:DE! :smiley: )
Best of luck. And if you get it resolved, maybe update your thread here with the resolution in case someone else has the same issue in the future :hammer_and_wrench: :+1:

PS: I’ve assumed you’re trying to get AoE:DE installed and not AoE2:DE since you posted in the AoE thread