Installed season 5 update and the game no longer opens

CPU usage goes to 100% and stays there.
Does season 5 update require a better graphics card?
any work around?


Same here. Try this: it might help you. So far, not me.

Hi, i have the same problem. This fix don’t work for me [vc_redist.x64.exe]

Yeah me too, i even did reinstall my windows and the aoe4, problem still not fixed

Uninstall/reinstall didn’t help.
Am now getting an error message in a grey pop up window that starts…Failed to find a supported hardware rendering device.

Everything was running fine before the season 5 update. DirectX12 etc…

Hello i am facing the same problem, tried to reinstall, run as admin and tried to check the files on steam. Everything did not work,please help!