Installed twice

So I am using the gamepass version and their are two choices the regular install and the 4k video install I have them both installed when I tried to uninstall the regular version it deletes both. I went into the apps folder and it is definitely there twice one for like 80 and one for 130 is there a solution for this.

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  • In the Xbox app go to the Age of Empires IV page and select “full details.”
  • Scroll down to “Included in this bundle” and there will be two similar icons for Age of Empires IV. The one on the right says “4K HDR Video Pack.”
  • Select the left icon (not the video pack) and that will go to the game on its own, without the 4K videos. Click install here and users will see that the disc space requirement is now a far more reasonable 86 GB
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Thank you! For responding to this. I will follow your instructions my new pcs hard drive died so I have to download it again anyways.

Great to be of help. Left the PC Game space 14 years ago when I married + kids. Now trying to start again and had the same problem as you.