Instead of meat decay, the predator animals need to eat it

We need a creative solution for this meat decay, it is logical but boring.

We need some extra action, for example, if a hunt is dead and a villager is gathering it, a predator in given proximity smells it and attacks the villager or villagers and then if it kills the villager, it eats the hunt (Instead of decay).

Maybe, increasing or adding predator animal caves, etc would be nice so they spawn and create troubles too. I just want some really creative things from the devs.


I suport your idea and second vote for it.

It will help alot in giving more life to the game.

Rigth now, the game feal like a static death paint, whit no life.


They need to eat dead soldiers too.


I really like this idea. Not only is it realistic for a carnivore to be attracted to carrion, but it would bring predators in closer proximity to your villagers and therefore present more of a danger to them. I’ve always had a soft spot for the wildlife in the Age series and would like to see them play a bigger role in the game anyway.