Interesting things about the new civilizations in age of empires 4

Speaking of the new civilizations presented, I know that this topic has already been talked about a lot, I just wanted to know what your opinions were about it

The English: as far as I am concerned, I loved them and I think they were very well represented in the game, just because the villagers can shoot arrows with the historical context of the law of 1363 that all subjects must train In the arc I loved it, in addition to being a more defensive civilization, they give another air to the English apart from the aoe2 (not to belittle) and the context that they have earlier men at arms I do not understand, so yes someone knows tell me

Mongols: By far my favorite civilization, the mere fact of making them nomads gives me many ideas of how to play them, also the fact that they have archer on horseback in feudal is exciting, as far as I am concerned they will make it a quite difficult civilization to beat him early game, we will have to wait to see the new civilizations that will be presented to know if the Mongols will be the only ones to be offensive civilization and also the fact that they will add a type of hero to the Mongols I also liked, that will add things of the 3 and 2 and the nomadic mechanics that I always wanted in 2 is already a reality

Sultanate of Delhi: This is the one that took me the most by surprise, because I was already expecting the English and Mongols and for them to do this I find it a great success, that they continue to add new civis and that they do not stagnate in a historical time, since It can be said that they are Indians, since they were located there until their division and the fact that this together with the Mongolian civilization I love because they were one of the few kingdoms that could oppose their invasions, but returning to the subject, As you can see, it is a technological civilization, a new category of civilization that in my opinion, will have all the technologies or most, also that its unique unit the war elephant, I can not say anything about them, they are foolishly broken, the The fact that you can play them in 2 different ways is a great innovation, that you can mount a tower with 2 archers and that the elephant hits only gives more mechanics to defeat them and I think they will be very difficult to take out, but if delhi is allowed to play very quiet, the most likely is that you will lose the game

Chinese: My second favorite civ for the moment of AOE 4, the fact that now if they can use gunpowder and that it is now their maximum potential hit the mark, we will have to adapt to play more powder with the Chinese that will give strategies unique and in addition to playing linked to the dynasties, which is also very cool that they have taken them, that these help you according to the age in which you are that the most obvious is the dynasty that helps you in the first ages on the exploration and The fact that some give you different unique units I also loved it, the fire lancer I hope to see it in action in the games and the wasp hive (I think that’s what it was called) that I have seen in many other different Chinese games and Now seeing it in AOE4 makes my hair stand on end and also that now its economy according to my point of view will be much better than in 2 I think it will be one of the best civs in the game

Well, sorry for the long text, but I am getting more and more excited about this game and I would like to know your opinion regarding this topic, thank you! :smiley:


I’m just hoping for either Aztecs, Maya and/or Inca. Those are always my fav in every Age game alongside the African civs.

I’m more excited for the African DLC for AOE3 than the European one for AOE2 to be honest, even though I play more AOE2.

From the new civs announced so far, I like the Delhi Sultanate. Like their building design and the free techs seem an interesting design decision.

How awesome would it be if AOE4 would start with Ethiopians :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: