Internal Revolutions

So we currently have revolutions for colonies, but all of said revolutions are all new nations, despite there being quite a few famous revolutions that occurred in the colonizing nations themselves, so here are a few ideas for such:
French Revolution-

  • Napoleon Joins the fight. (Acts as a mounted general and can plant flags)
  • All Town Centers Spawn 2 Napoleon Guns

English Civil War -

  • All town Centers spawn x number of Pilgrims and train Pilgrims instead of Settlers, which cost wood (Settlers still become revolutionaries)
  • Church 1 time Spawns 5 pastors (renamed Priests) either upon revolting or upon being built.
  • Hussars become Ironsides, which are slower but more durable

Confederate states of America

  • Settlers become Conscripts, which are cheap, quick to train Musketeers
  • All Estates spawn 5 Slaves and can train slaves, which are cheaper (75 Gold) and quicker to train, but in all other respects inferior workers (harvest resources slower, Build structures slower, have less HP)

Russian Revolution (Long shot, and a bit late in the Time line)

  • Spawn 3 Factory Wagons and Factory Build Limit Raised to 5

They censored the word Plantation, there’s no way in hell they’re ever going to give us the Confederate States. I think the focus should be on updating the current revolution options first. Unfortunately, we probably won’t see a fully fleshed out Haiti for the same reason the Confederate States won’t happen.

For the French Revolution, someone suggested Sans Culottes be a replacement for Courrier des Bois which would be interesting. I also hope they don’t add any more of those inspiring flags. It’s a dumb mechanic for the USA and even more nonsensical for Mexico who doesn’t even have their proper flag in the game.

As far as more revolutions go, they should expand it to nations that don’t currently have the option. The Sokoto Caliphate for Hausa, Peru for Inca, Mexico for Aztecs, Taiping Heavenly Kingdom for China, and Marathas for India could add a lot.

I agree with your reasoning around confederacy not being included but I think the Taiping rebellion could fall in that category aswell. Obviously different events with different causes but both reasonable to having sensitivity in approaching

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Non-European civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Incas, and the United States, have to be revolutionized by cards. The essence of their revolution are not to rebel against the home country to overthrow the government, but to protect or revive the home country on the contrary. This makes sense why their revolution is a card from the home city and the home city doesn’t change after the revolution.

The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is an anti-Qing rebellion so it is not suitable.
If it is a card, it should be a shipment of outlaws, not a revolution.

They’re a lot more sensitive to the American SJWs so I wouldn’t be too surprised if got a pass while the Confederacy didn’t.

The game is about war and pillaging so it’s not unreasonable to include it despite the brutality of the conflict.

In the US sure. I don’t know the general view of Taiping rebellion in China to be honest so can’t say how it would be perceived.