Internet connection speed dropping as soon as AOE 2 DE or HD is open

Hi All
I was playing AOE2 DE smoothly till recently when I relocated to a new place. I have 2.4GHz single band router with 50mbps speed ( when I check internet speed test). But as soon as I turn on the game, the speed comes down to <3mbps. When I close the application, the speed goes back up.

As a result of such low speed, most of my games end in server connection issues. I tried playing AOE 2 HD as well and there is a similar issue. I tried turning off ’ Allow the computer to turn this device off ’ option in the device manager for my adapter as well, but there is no difference. Any idea why this is happening?

I am having also this issue now. Did you manage to solve it?

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Same it’s back, the solve posted did not work. disable ethernet efficiency, wake packet, green energy etc etc

AoE2:DE Kills Network Adaptor - #2 by Rolycup This did not work for my friend who has the issue described

I have the same problem when playing Fortnite. The connection is not completely dead, but to much lag to play. If I measure it, then I have less then 2 Mbps
Once exited fortnite or AOE2, the connection is back to normal. > 80Mbps

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