Interview with AoE 4 DEVS!


so the second picture will be our game AOE 4.I’m very sad where this is going.

Dear developers look at each other.
I agree with the analysis!
It doesn’t look good yet.

Still the same topic … Terrible graphics. Terrible animations. Weapons and arrows can’t even talk about it anymore. disgust.


do you have a link to this original interview to hear it out?


It’s something with the lighting/shadows in the second picture, they changed them. I have to agree it looks worse.


cinematic stuff is always different from in-game shots. direction of light and camera angle also does matter a lot…
but unit anims and movement smoothness are not great atm.

The position of the light source is different for those 2 pictures so it’s a nobrainer that they look quite different. It seems that they changed the light/shadows indeed but its hard to judge when you compare apples and oranges, i.e find a picture with the same light angles to give a reasonable comparison. It looks like they also changed the saturation a bit.

Same topic, yet another thread. For what?


Again, why is another thread created for the “Graphics/ Animations” topic, the OP should sit in the “Games Graphics Feedback” thread.

That second screenshot is not a great comparison, it would appear the screenshot is taken from a YouTube video with terrible bit rate hence all the blurriness and poor shadow representation.

As for the YouTube video response, I kind of feel like the person in question (the one responding to the devs comments) hasn’t really thought out his counter argument to the Devs responses and is kinda riding the waves of dissent and doesnt present a balanced argument - to say that the design choices to make buildings more readable is “babyish” is a tad extreme (Civ builds cold roof tops, military buildings warm), if anything it makes the game more accessible to players both old and young in quickly seeing patterns in design choices and understanding the game quicker.

My opinion (which is probably of the unpopular variety) is that gamer’s today are so spoilt and demanding they immediately cast a shadow over a games development and drown out all the positive aspects of what is being developed for that game (new innovative ideas etc.) - to focus so hard on one facet (graphics) and not delve deeper into the other parts of what AoE4 offers is a bit silly and short sighted. (This is in no way me discounting the whole graphics argument, I see valid points from both sides but this topic of conversation has exhausted all possible avenues of discussion across the web and we should now try be a little bit more open minded about other things we can talk about…)


The 2nd screenshot is from a perspective opposite where the “sunlight” is pointing, which maximizes the appearance of shadows. I doubt most of us are going to play from this perspective.



I guess we all want a worthy successor to AOE 2 and AOE 3.

Maybe you’re happy with the shots on April 10, 2021.

But definitely not, and most of the community certainly isn’t what the game looks like yet.

And most importantly, don’t tell us that the shots are several months old. Why would they drop waste.

The whole problem is that in terms of graphics and attention to detail and beautiful animations. So far, AoE 2 and AOE 3 are doing better than AOE 4.

Which probably shouldn’t be? It is the year 2021 and a worthy successor to the game must reach at least the level of AOE 2 and AOE 3 or better …

But I don’t take it worse … it’s a betrayal


Yes we must stop multiplying the messages on the graphics. And I find it unfortunate that we do not talk more about the new features they have added. We should not see everything in black, there are positive points that many try to defend on the forum. And a big wait for the Beta which shows the interest in the game.


AOE4 is very good, the new style of the game screen looks very novel, simple cartoon. I like these unit models and unit animations. It’s good to learn to accept new things.


Why is Beta no longer out … I think they should have it ready.
But as they found out how the community reacts, they delay it …
Yes, the beta will show what the game really looks like … in terms of graphics and animation …

I don’t know, somehow I don’t believe you mean it.

I’m sure it’s not just the sunlight. Parts where shadows dont fall on them still look hugely different. The overall lighting and saturation thing is changed to the worse here. Textures are also butchered which make things look blurry and very uncolored and I doubt that’s just the camera angle. Both shots are taken from a similar angle from above that we wouldnt play.
You can say that it was just a fake marketing trailer but thats another story, the new one does look worse.

Oh and just realized from the interview why all the military buildings in the new trailers have these strange orange-colored roofs that make them look kind of shiny. Its another change for the shake of clarity so that gamers can identify buildings easier and faster :smiley: . Military buildings will have warm colors and civilian buildings cool colors for that reason. That’s another difference from the first trailer


I think the players have already said theirs.

It is necessary to work on graphics, details and animations and the game will be cool.

Everything else I like the way the game looks, new mechanics, etc.

But here everything looks amazing. Beautiful details



They have greatly increased the brightness here but I can still see the simplistic textures and
not good contrast / saturation configurations.
Compare this very rough looking red chinese building to the details of the English church/wonder next to the castle from 2019 or to other building in front of it. If you look closely they’re actually extremely detailed and look quite sharp.
The other ones give a flat, hazy feeling

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I added this link the main thread

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#1 They SAID that the video was months old
#2 If you expect them to film all those clips of DIFFERENT games and then edit and publish it within weeks, than you are extremely ignorant. It takes me at LEAST 2-3 hours to edit a 10 minute video with very poor editing compared to the editing on that