Introduce the Viking civilization?

The viking civilization is endowed with unit and ship which could be incredible on the age of the empire III I would see it more for a historical battle which does not affect the temporality of the age of the empire III.

If I created this subject, it is because in terms of gameplay, civilization will be incredible with why not units that will charge the opposing troops, drakars that could load the opposing ships, it would be really very fun afterwards if I said its c is that I am a fan.

Like me, you would like to see the arrival of the viking in Age of empire III or IV?

Viking age was 793–1066 AD, out of the timeframe of AoE III (XV-XIX centuries).
They will appear in AoE IV sooner or later.


If you really love vikings & scandinavian countries you can wait & hope they add Denmark civilization after african expansion

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I agree but it is a temporality for the countryside and the ages to up.
You are probably right about the impossibility for a civilization but for a historical battle I don’t know if there is an obligation to follow the temporality.

You are right that could really be nice already the introduction of Sweden is a start to see for other Scandinavian countries.

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dude, simple Scandinavian history:

viking age (to about 1100)

christian kingdoms age (to about 1400)

Kalmar empire (to 1500)

by the time we are in AOE 3 in the 1500s and beyond we have reaches the age of 2 kingdoms: sweden and denmark-norway.

if you want denmark-norway then that is totally possible but they wouldnt have longships or raiders with axes and round shields.


Why not on 3? We already got usa on age of exploration lmao


i mean i want Denmark-Norway as a faction but i dont really want some stereotype viking nation when a real country existed in the same time :sweat_smile:

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This is why I said or historical battle because with age 1, it is more consistent with the Viking era. And as during historical battles instead of making a civilization, there is the possibility of creating some model like during the battle of Algiers or other battles which allows to play a new model without a new civilization.

AoE III campaigns are around 1420 - 1870 and skirmish games around 1492 - 1870.
Viking age ended around 1100 AD, more than 300 years earlier to the game.
The United States were born in 1776, at least they are in the game timeframe


I agree with you but a historical battle, no influence is to take advantage of the space of a battle and therefore does not affect the very temporality of the game

This is why I said or historical battle because with age 1, it is more consistent with the Viking era.

it is not, that periode is 1500 to 1600.


I’m talking about the look of the buildings which are made of wood and which can correspond to the time

No, it really is not. Every building and unit in this game, looks way past the Viking Age.
There would be no sense in Berzerkers fighting Musketeers.

Vikings were not even a civilization. Viking just means Pirate/ Seabourne Raider.


Sarcasm my dude, both are terrible ideas.


I remember when I played AOE2 for the first time. I was a dedicated AOE3 player before that and my interest in history was far more narrow, focused only on the Americas and the early modern period. Therefore when I played AOE2 I immediately picked the Vikings seeing them as a precursor to AOE3 due to their explorations.

Probably the dumbest idea on this forum at the moment. You will probably be able to play the vikkings in aoe 4 though, there a lot of intresting mechanism that could works well with them.

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The only way I can see Viking in AOE3 is perhaps as little references in a Danish civ. Like cards or tech referencing the Vikings or the Explorer having a viking shield on his back or wielding an axe in melee or something.


Is this a troll? I think he’s trolling, guys.

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I mean an actual civ shouldnt be added as way out of the timeframe, however, seeing a big part of this game is the discovery and colonization of the new world, they could make a historical battle with the Vikings landing in Vinland or Greenland.