Introducing Illustrated Build Orders on aoe4guides - Feedback Appreciated

In the past few days I was working on icon-support for I was supported by the author of RTS/AOE4_Overlay to make sure, that the builds stay compatible - even with illustrations.

Starting today, you can use the in-game icons to illustrate your build order on Furthermore, import/export of AOE4_Overlay files is now supported.

As an example I imported one of Valdemar’s recent guides via AoE4_Overlay format.
Aggression into 2TC [Valdemar1902]

Give it a try! :slight_smile:
Feedback appreciated!

Some impressions and where to find the feature:


the icons are a nice step up, thanks

Do you know how git show difference?
it can be inspired by git, it will be super helpful to understand changes.

For example, it can be: If you send units FROM resource to another (highlight row with yellow)

7 food
7 food + 3 wood
7 food + 3 wood + 3 GOLD
3builders + 7 food + 3 wood + (YELLOW)

So, for yellow rows (changes) you can skip timings and keep them at regular rows.

btw first row is strange. 7 on food, ### # ###### I understand what it means, but it’s inconsistent.
if your description is a task: send 7 to food, than starting position should be 0 0 0 0
if your rows is “finished” result for the description, then the first row should be 0 7 0 0

icons can be helpfull:
1 newborn imageimage

3ximage → ** to landmark **

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Yeah, you found an error in the example screenshot. :slight_smile: It should be 0 7 0 0.

Be creative and use it the way it suits your needs best.

I know the git diff but have the feeling that more “magic” and color coding would rather make it harder to use for the majority of users and feel “techy” . Feel free to tailor a pull request, though. It’s open sourced.

Idea for re-assignments. How about going for multi-line?
First line = start state
Second line = End state
All within one row


I like that they use the additional column, but in Valdemar’s build, he doesn’t use it :smiling_face_with_tear:

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This is because valdemar’s build stems from which does not support the additional columns. I just exported and Imported it without adjustments. :slight_smile:

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Update: Finally improved UX on mobile.

before (not editable):

after (fully editable):

New feature: Download build order in AOE4_Overlay format


Ready for Season 5 PUP?

Just in time I prepared the voting feature that you can use complementary to the already existing favorites feature. Along with the voting the all new popularity sorting is the new default.

Up- or downvote build orders which impact the popularity score and improves the highlighted build orders on the landing page.


Before (sort by time created)

After (sort by popularity)

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I can’t save any duplicates, whether or not I make changes

Just give it the default matchup “any civ” as a workaround. Then it worked:
(AoE4 Guides | Your Home for Age of Empires IV Guides and Build Orders)

I will look into it, though.
The matchup field is new and seems I missed to handle it properly here. :slight_smile:

I published the hotfix right away. You can give it a try.
Have a great evening!

PS: The issue got introduced with this recent update. Sorry for that. :slight_smile:
Season 5 Update on : aoe4 (

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