Introducing the classification system for the map pool


Every map pool we get people complain about the diversity of the map or how many types for each case and not having enough bans to get what they preferred.

I have here a new idea that can be introduced to the map pool that may could help.

It is one-third system classification should be forced to the map pool from the devs, now what does this mean and how it works?

Here is the example:

The map pool imo should have only 6 maps with 3 classes 1/3 for each.

So the map pool should have 2 open, 2 closed and 2 hybrid/water (1 water and 1 hybrid).

Each player should be able to ban 3 maps and have 1 preferred choice as usual.

By this new system, every player for sure will get what he wants, he will be able completely to delete a full class and half class from the 3 classes. This system will be so helpful in both 1v1 and team games as well.

HOWEVER, for team games I think the best thing is give them a map pick queue with only 1 map or unlimited bans which will be good in team games since the most problems about the map pool and the alt4ing are in team games more than the 1v1.

What do you think guys?


I think the idea is good. The problem comes when you have to classifie the maps… I have remembers about this was higly discussed, ending in nothing really useful


Yes and how about nomad and close map with water etc

we need very wide map pool( like 100 maps) and -5 ban right (95 ban right) or some thing. Nearly everyone will fine himself a likeable map.