Invalid Filetype Error

Version:101.102.1156.0 (#6692) 9368025

I get a file extension error when I start a game(Not when I open the game). Check the SS please.

Okay, first step in troubleshooting. Do you know what kind of file p_shot_x2.sld is? It seems to be a graphics file, but I only have p_shot_x1.sld on my computer. Do you have the super duper graphics pack? Or a mod that does something with the visuals of… hand cannoneer bullets? Or something “shot” could be…

.sld should not be an invalid filetype, but it could still be a corrupted file or something.

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Use the Steam “Validate Integrity of Local Game Files” option, that’ll be the fastest way to check if something’s corrupted.


If @TheConqueror753’s suggestion doesn’t help, I recommend:

  • Disabling all your mods. If that solves it, re-enable them one by one to find out which is causing the problem.
  • Disabling enhanced graphics (since the x2 ending indicates this is an enhanced graphics file).
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