Invalid last game in Profile->Matches history

I’ve faced a problem when last game in my profile is invalid.

This problem occurs only when I’ve played a game and, after leaving it, opened my profile. Here is I can see last game with valid result in games list, BUT: when i’m clicking on it, another game is opening.

F.e., I’ve started AOE4 and I have game list (in Profile->Matches history):
game1, game2, game3 (here is game3 - the newest game)

I’ve played one more game. Now my games list is
game1, game2, game3, game4

I’m clicking on game4 and… game1 opens. By clicking game3 I getting the same - game1 game opens (two latest games gives me the same invalid result). Clicking on game2 gives me valid game result screen.

AOE4 restart fixes this, and after restarting all games opens as they should.

PS: maybe it important. I started the AOE4, played one match and at this point bug occurs. Maybe playing one more game can fix it, I didn’t tried. Maybe also opening profile before start playing the game can affect on this bug. I remember, that I’d been got this bug many times, but once I hadn’t seen it - maybe in that time I didn’t open profile before game.