Invalid Server + Multiplayer Disconnection + Failed to join lobby bug

I’m playing from the Australian Server I’ve been experiencing these issues, I’ve also been asking players in my games, and they are also experiencing the same thing: random disconnections from the server, inability to join the pre-game lobby once you’ve been matched with a team, the game will sometimes just bugplat/crash when clicking a normal menu button. In team game-modes some players will just drop out from one side’s team - causing their entire team to just leave one by one as they realize they no longer have a chance.

The game is great otherwise but this is really ruining the game for me as I’m almost exclusively here for the multiplayer experience.


The random disconnections are really annoying, i’ve been trying to play with a friend and every match one of us simply loses connection and gets kicked out of the game


Having the same issues and I am afraid I won’t be touching DE until the disconnecting gets fixed…