Invisible Unclickable Area of Screen When Selecting Units or Buildings

When a unit or building is selected, there is an invisible, unclickable area of the screen from where the name of the unit portion fades out to the end of the unit box. Clicking there does not allow you to select units or click and drag because it is behind an invisible UI box.

It makes it very difficult to know where to click in that area of the UI. Often when I am selecting my starting villagers I have to click around several times which is frustrating.

my guess from UI modding experience in other games, the invisible stackpanel that contains the fading flag and unit info is actually across the entire length of the command panel and info/selection panel, devs could solve this by adjusting this stackpanel to not be longer than fading effect reaches


Thanks, @hound! We’ll have someone investigate when we can. Much appreciated!

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