Invisible Walls Bug

Twitch This is just laughable at this point. You can make invisible walls that you can’t attack/go through. Yet another bug to add to the pile of balance and bug issues with this game. I like this game but it really shows as a product of the “we’ll fix it later” mentality of games these days with all the bugs and issues.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the opponent speedbuilded walls around the relics.
I think for 3 reasons.

  1. to get the resources back.
  2. to delay relic collection
  3. to get an alarm if a relic gets collected.

When Hera clicks those enemy walls, he’s not holding a unit.

So this is just unfinished walls from his opponent.

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It still doesn’t show the enemy selecting his troops and click on the wall to burn it down.

He could just click in the middle so the horses tried to find an opening, which explains their swarming around.

So fair i have only seen claims on this bug which didn’t prove that what i claimed above is incorrect.

Edit: on 44 second you can actually see they torch the wall.

Seems like the player miss clicked to prove a false bug claim. Lol