Invite child account to group

I’m trying to invite my son to play coop with me. We were able to friend each other. However, when I try to invite him to my group he doesn’t get the invite. When he invites me I don’t get it. If we try to chat each other we don’t get the messages. There are no error messages, it just all fails silently. Any ideas on what might be wrong or how to debug?

I’ve not tried playing with anyone else so can’t be sure this is a child account issue, but that seems the most likely problem.

We are both on PC and both on microsoft accounts.

Thanks for any help!

Salutation and welcome to the forums! I have yet to run into this particular issue and I was able to play this game with my pops. We did have a slight issue where he was in “offline mode” due to my little sister being logged into his steam account on another computer, he was able to play the game but we couldn’t party up. Perhaps this is the problem you face?

Thanks for the reply. Weird enough we ended up making a public game and were able to play together in that, but we can’t invite each other to a group it seems.

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Well I am glad you two are able to find a work around, have fun and if worse comes to worse open a support ticket. The support will keep directing you to the forums, but if you are vague and persistent enough, you will eventually get a real person.

Hey @ActivatedFall1!

Have you tried checking the online settings in Age IV, specifically the Status Visibility slider? You can see it here:

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Thanks. Yes we can see each other just fine. I can see he is online and if he is in a lobby, etc. If I send a chat he doesn’t see it. I hear a sound on my machine when he invites me, but I don’t see anywhere that I can accept it. Maybe I’m just completely failing at the UI and not finding the invite accept button?

@ActivatedFall1 bro have you got any solution or a reason that why this is happening it’s started happening with me :smiling_face_with_tear: I am sending message to my friends they are unable to see it also when I am inviting him to group he is unable to see that
Plz help if you have any solution