IOWA US Challene bugged to me. Created more or exacly 46 Couriers desd bois

I have traied several way qith french civilization to gwe IOWA US Challenge with out ane result, i have created 46 exactly or more Couries des bois. What can i do to get this challenge passed, please?

Try to not send coureurs from HC and dont count starter coureurs. And push the begin button

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The coreur des bois that you have at the start of the game and the ones you recive from the metropoli don’t count to the 46

Thank you, the starting ones did not counted.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it is broken, at least bugged for some people. I just did my third game in a row attempting this. Each time I started with 5 Couriers des Bois and trained continuously until I had 55-75 total without sending any HC shipments. That means that I trained 4-24 more than needed each game, and the challenge is still not marking as complete.

You need 46 exactly so 51 total with the 5 you start with