Iron Troop-Manchu Availabilty for China


I would like to request this card of China to be available Infinite amount of times. To have the same strenght as other European civs. It can be like the Usual.

But to make it more interesting I propose that sending it each time increases the HP and Attack of Iron Troops and Manchu by 1.5% each time its sent so that it can scale to Imperial level of Euro civs like Sweden and Germany. However this will also increase the price of the card by 5% for each time it is sent.


would be nice! But i think giving a buff to iron troops is too dangerous in late game since they can be trained and get a great improvement with another card (dont remember the names)

infnite fine

no imperial mercs

I see. It is 1.5% only per time sent. Up to a maximum of 15%. It stops being boosted at a certain time. Unlike wanderlust which is often overlooked even though it has no limit(PUP is in the process of changing that)

ah! sry i didnt understand it goes to a capped maximum