Is 99 vil+2 factory still the standard “max economy” now?

Most civs have a late game economy equivalent to this, with some small fluctuations (eg trickles, gather rate buffs). And civs that lack some of them have other compensations to a similar level.
Swedes is the first civ that has “additional vils” on top of that, but they cannot continuously gather, and it was adjusted by max vils later.
US also gets fewer max vils in the recent patch, as they have quite a few trickle sources and other eco-equivalent buffs, though actual outcome remains to be seen.

Now Portuguese get the feitoria which is a very useful card in the early game (greatly appreciated). But it also adds one “factory” equivalent to the max eco model in the late game. Do people think it needs to be adjusted?

its mostly going to be a treaty problem since that is where they can max their tc production.

however, given that in order to get that extra factory they do need to invest like 2 cards for the increased build limit iirc, we will have to see how powerful it actually is cause deck space is very limited

Well, if you really want to cheese it… Portugal can have up to 12 TCs if you use all extra TC cards. Each Feitoria TC grants 1,5 resources per second, 1,5 x 12 = 18 resources per second, which is equivalent to 2,5 extra factories(with all factories techs researched). That is on top of Portugal already having access to 2 factories and all 99 villagers.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Portugal gets an economy nerf in the next balance patch.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they removed one of the Factories from Portugal to compensate for the new Feitoria trickles. Spain could also have just 1 Factory, since they have access to Haciendas now. It would actually make sense historically too, since neither country was exactly an industrial powerhouse.


Nope. If you revolt as Brazil, you can have 100+ TCs.