Is age of empires 4 a StarCraft killer?

So most people will know that Blizzard pulled all support from StarCraft 2 some time ago, despite StarCraft being the most popular RTS of this type ever.
I cannot help but notice that AoE4 shares a lot in common with StarCraft 2, from how hotkeys work, the isometric civs, projectiles never missing and the removal of quick walls and score.

Now, AoE4 shares a lot more in common with AoE2, from the units to how the economy works, and it would be easy to pass off all the changes as attempts to improve AoE2’s design.
But I am wondering if AoE4 was designed in this way to steal the StarCraft audience?

I will say a lot of starcraft streamers, pros, and just player in general are playing Aoe IV rn.

But Aoe IV needs some major updates to keep the players its gotten.


It’s not even an aoe2 killer.
Starcraft was killed by blizzard.


Ideally it wouldn’t “kill” previous entries.
Plus Aoe 2 is tradition, it’d take a lot for it to die.

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I honeslty would have loved a game that would take me from aoe2 to a new level of RTS


I am not trying to argue whether it is killing starcraft only if the devs designed AoE4 to kill StarCraft.
Back in the day, people tried to make FPS’s compete with Halo, and they were consistently trying to copy Halo’s mechanics and one-up them to make a better game. These got branded Halo killers. I am wondering if AoE4 is trying to do the same to StarCraft.

No… I don’t think it was intended to be that way at all.
A big reason people play AOE over Sc2 and vice versa is because of the pacing. Starcraft 2 is very fast paced and zoomy. While age is much more chilled and requires a different kind of strategy. So they are incredibly different games, and I wouldn’t really compare them, as they are completely different experiences.


I was waiting to see aoe4 to kill starcraft 2, but afther aoe4 release, i know that starcraft 2 is way safe and bether. XD

Note: people are talking about using age of empire 4 units and put them in starcraft 2, and make a bether game that age of empire 4 was supose to be. XD

I’ll say no until the Mongol TC rush strategy is dead. Until this happened it road a wave of hype as the first good RTS of the last decade, so everyone is interested. It will have a place as a second game to those who play SC2, AOE2, and BW as long as it fixes the TC rush.

If a few good patches come out to fix many of the problems that are documented within the next 3 or 4 months the game could be on top, but we’ll have to wait and see, and assume a lack of dominance until the devs earn it.

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There are a small group of people who will play SC2, BW, and AOE2 until the day they die. I actually don’t think it matters to this group how much better another game may be. They have their strategy game of their day, and that’s all they need. SC2 and BW are in maintenance mode (abandoned), but you’re SOL if you ever think of making some people stop play the game all together.

If AOE4 had development that was a year ahead of this current release you may see a majority from each community leave those games for this game for good, but that’s not the case. All eyes are on the big Frost Giant Studio’s game to replace SC2 as the leading RTS, and capture an audience beyond the relatively small RTS player base. Maybe AOE4 can etch out a future as 2nd over time.

While i get your point (and agree age is more chilled ) it certainly does not feel that way when ingame :wink:

30k active players for aoe2 not small, it’s always a solid performer in steam charts. But I. see your point and know what you mean.

What’s the Frost Giant Studio game?

I was honestly hoping for something good enough, that would take me away from aoe2 for balanced 1v1 ladder ranked play, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist.

Killed or game is just old? Every game die at some point it is normal, in some years you will see SC2 remaster, games like SC2 and COH2 survived many years and still played today. If tomorrow red alert 2 remaster is release you will see the same 30-60k playing… RTS was never dying, devs and publishers were dead…