Is Age of Empires 4 Worth it?

Hey all,

The Steam Strategy Sale is on and AoE IV is on sale! I’m looking at a few different strategy games and im not sure which one i’d like to pick up. Thought I’d come here and ask what y’all think. A few questions:

  1. Is the Campaign Good - Is it focused on historical accuracy (like AoE II) or is it more story driven (like AoE III)
  2. Which game is it more similar to? AoE II or AoE III?
  3. When you picked it up, was it what you expected, better, or worse?

Thank you all for your help!

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  1. Aoe2
  2. Aoe2
  3. Was still pretty good from the start, is at way better stage now. Would be the best rts in last couple years.

If you like more of a sc2, aoe2 rts you will like aoe4

Depends on your pc too. Need decent computer to have the setting at med-high

  1. The campaign is history based (Joan of Arc, Creation of Moscow, etc); and has mini documentaries between chapters showing the real locations overlaid with visuals giving an indication of what it would have looked like. Will add that the 4 campaigns are mainly for the English, French, Rus and Mongols.

  2. I would say AoE II because of the time period, visual aesthetic and general gameplay, but it does borrow mechanics from AoM & AoE III too (asynchronous civs, age up mechanics, etc). AoE IV also adds new game mechanics too, like allowing units on walls and adding stealth forests (to hide units for ambushing).

  3. A mix of expected and worse, but I also pre-ordered it. AoE IV has improved a lot since launch, with 2 new free civs, improved visuals & optimizations, added missing features (mod support, custom player colors) to name a few. I do think it has the best audio in the series too.

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  1. AOE2
  2. AOE2, AOE3 and SC2.
  3. Worse, let’s hope they improve the game and add UI icons, and make Unique units more powerful.
    It lacks many good features, content, etc. from its previous AOE2 and AOE3.

One is that the Biome is so boring. It lacks a variety of GAIA animals and fauna, etc.

Two, the campaign is relatively short and easy. It is mostly a documentary that takes a lot of time.
But those documentaries are fine, except the Mongol Empire’s campaign, which is super low budget.

Three, AI is super stupid and boring. They don’t have great leader names, just Absurd or Easy AI etc…
They also don’t speak with you when they attack or are defeated etc.

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I think the game has always been worth to get, and especially now with all the improvements its received since launch, with the discount it makes perfect sense to get it if you like these type of games. And not to forget the new expansion that’ll come soon, in my opinion it’s just too good of a chance to miss out.

The game does have its issues but it’s a very fun game but at the end of the day its your opinion that should decide if you are getting it or not :slight_smile:

2 years and the game is still being fixed.
Boring fights, units just clashing each other.
No unique mechanics.
After the first week you will see that civs arent that unique.
Devs don’t communicate or give roadmap.
If you are turtle player, this is your game. Everyone can just wall and you can’t do anything except all in which favors him.

If you want to play few days , give it a go, for long term and especially for pvp grind, not recomend at all.

Best thing to do is to try it with xbox pass to see if it suite you, since a lot of people like me purchased it on release and I have more fun reading forums than playing the game.


The campaigns are ok. They are more historical than AoE2’s. They have some really cool aspects, but campaign missions could definitely be better.

The game plays much more like AoE2 than AoE3.

The game is great. It has incorporated things from all previous AoE games and definitely made things more streamlined as well.

You can pretty safely ignore anyone who is super negative about it. We’ve got like the same half dozen people who spend a crazy amount of time commenting in the forums for how much they apparently hate the game, it’s very odd. You’ll likely be able to recognize them within just a comment or two.

I regularly play both this and AoE2. The one things that’s just better in AoE2 is the fact that it has WAY more campaigns. AoE2 only started with 5 though, it’s just had 20 years to add more.

It seems more campaigns are coming though with the expansion that was just announced.

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Yeah, Buy it on sale. It’s not as bad as people make it to be on here sometimes in my opinion

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Ye would also do now. It’s 20 € or $ so if u just play 20 hours, it’s 1 per hour.

The game is nowhere near as bad as some comments here sound like, yes it has issue but it has gotten a lot better and is really fun game to play.

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The campaign has a documentary feel with video cutscenes and historical info which is cool. It’s historical like AoE II but with video cutscenes like AoE III.

The historical time period, buildings and units, are similar to AoE II. The age up mechanic of building landmarks is a carryover from AoE III.

I picked up the game at release. At that point it was missing a lot of what I expected from an Age game. Now that it has been about two years later, many of those issues have been addressed.

For $20 you really can’t go wrong, especially starting to play the game now with a fresh perspective.


The game is at 20 euros and in better condition than at launch (although it still has a ways to go when it comes to improving).

Safe purchase.

For $20 I would say give it a try if you want since it is on sale.

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20 bucks is defo a reasonable price for the game.

Relic has been slow and steady with improving the game since launch, and the season 5 update really improved the look of the terrain and added more unique units. My personal hope is they improve siege next and add more Gaia to the maps.

AoEIV is a decent but unspectacular game but has the potential to be much better. I think it is heading in the right direction, it just took a while to get there.

At 20 you can’t go wrong at that price.


only if its on sale like 20 bucks or less. the game has been proving its worthless when you bought it on full or the content for what are you paying for. yes now it has some but is not enough for sp and mp need polish. At 20 bucks a game fopr that price feels like a cheap game thta you play once but its ok for a fast entretaiment. Thats aoe 4’s enjoyment best outcome rn