Is anyone actually getting destroyed by Turks or Tatars?

Just a question in light of all the people who think Turks and Tatars are OP now (and should be nerfed).

I’m yet to see a true Turk masterpiece abusing the PA :frowning:

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Tartars are insanely strong now. The new turks’ bonus is quite easy to deny if you just play scouts against them. Sonmewhat limits your options, though, so still a good bonus.

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Turks and Tatars are not on the same tier.

The main thing the Turks got out of the patch was an effective answer in the feudal and early Castle age against the archer meta. It doesn’t dramatically change their odds against civs that already had good cav to utilize.

The Tatars already had all the answers in the feudal age, and presented their own unique power spikes in the castle age. Those problems just occur way sooner now and it’s incredibly hard to address.

In my TGs and 1v1 at least nobody is picking them viciously

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I’ve actually been having a great time with Turks. I feel like flooding light cavalry right at the start of castle age is surprisingly effective.

So best strat I’ve found is M@A into late scouts. Once they bring archers you transition into armored/bloodline scout. Try to harras with scouts and gain map control while looking to Castle. By this point I’m walled and Castling, I add a second stables that I keep hidden. And train scouts while going up to castle. As soon as I hit castle I get the second armor tech and move 8-10 scouts to their base, and break a hole. I raid with those while following them with knights/camels/more scouts plus maybe a forward siege shop etc. Obviously it doesn’t always work but it can be pretty fun.

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Was wrecked by both.

Tatar drush FC into 3 TC boom+CA is just really hard to stop. They are up so fast, you barely have time to punish them before the TCs are up.

Turks are mainly wrecking me in TGs. When im flank, what am i to do vs 5-10 scs with a few archers behind? Worst i saw was saracen/turk - they instantly break your walls and you just cant hurt them, not sure what to do about it.

I played against Turks once, but they didnt go for scouts in feudal.
Never faced Tatars. Seems like a fun civ to steal there new sheeps as well 11

I have played with both turks and tatars in my team

We didnt won…

Even with last buff Turks actually is not that much difference, but Tatars absolutly became sick, i am 100% that Tatars in the next patch will be nerfed

that doesnt mean anything, the new tatars and turks are super op, if u loose a match with them is not the end of the world

turks before +1 pa for scouts - weak as hell and chosen for nothing.
now - super op nothing can stop them.


And I prefer to see them as “OP” than totally unplayable civs


Turks arent that strong in 1v1 still, you dont have to go archers against them, where they truly shine is in 2v2s,where you just dont really have an option.

i think tatars and turks overrated right now. they are not super good

Turks are ok, is not that You can’t make your own scouts or spearmen to defend yourself

i agree, they are good civs now people are just used to them being weak and pushovers.

Well, tartars can go drush fc without farms 11 you then have xbows with free thumbring and your new tcs spawn extra sheep making booming super easy. If that isn’t super good idk what is.

I played with that strat and you still need to build at least three farms to avoid idle villagers and have a permanent food income in the meanwhile.

And then that is the thing that they needed to be good at closed maps beacuse they fare much worse here, and the map balance already worked since Arena hasn’t elevations so Tatars won’t be oppresive here.

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Wouldnt be better to build a mill near the deer? (Asuming you cant push them because your scout is drushing)

Did you push in your deer?

Also, how many vills you go up on makes a big difference. You get an exact amount of free food to use before that goes away and every vill is 50 of that free food you can’t use to go up.

Not to mention, even if you do lay some farms down, that’s probably okay since you’re way, way more likely to have Horse collar before compared to the average civ which is a big efficiency boost.

I agree with the rest except the underlying tone that you don’t think they’re that good, and I’d like to just not touch on that.