Is anyone else super keen?

Looks great advertise this everywhere fb/instagram etc… I was on holiday in the states in 2005 and just stumbled across age 3 in wall mart never seen it advertised anywhere

I’m reeeeealllly excited. AoE was my very first game on a desktop machine, precisely the demo that came with my Windows 98 OEM CD for my Pentium 350 MHz machine… Long way, am very keen to play it on my Surface Book :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Yeah I’m excited.

When i saw the trailer during the PC gaming show on live, I was like “Wait… that’s Age of Empires!!! … ! … RESMATERED 4K OMG!!! TAKE MY MONEY!”

Ridiculously hyped

The original Age of Empires was the first computer game I ever played, aside from Solitare, and it is the most important influence to guide my gamer life. Keen? Doesn’t even compare. Not sure on the forum’s rules but lets just say, when I saw this pop up on my feed, I was no longer thinking with my upper head…

This game was my childhood. Got it free out of a Kellogs cereal box

Super excited too! One of the best games of my childhood :smiley: