Is anyone else super keen?

I can honestly not wait. Being able to zoom out looks dank

I’m pumped! Looks like it is going to be AWESOME!

Will this be playable on Xbox or only PC?

I was pumped when I saw that they’d actually updated the graphics on the units. They looked so good!

i am !!!

Graphics look awesome - now if heads could roll…

I can’t wait. To some people, the zoom feature might seem a small addition. I myself think it’ll be great.

Can’t wait grew up playing aoe on pc best game ever

I’ve been teaching my roommate AOE2 so this is perfect timing. Been waiting so long for a new AOE game, I know technically it isn’t ‘new’ but I’ll take what I can get!

OMG I can’t believe it was already 20 years ago!

I am super excited. I still remember coming home from school back in the late 90s and rushing to play the RoR demo campaigns day after day. It never got old. My friends and I would make the sound effects and pretend we were swordsmen.

Can’t wait to relive my childhood!

My friend’s dad had two computers that he had built a year apart from each other. Using the older one was like using a third party controller. The main one had the big fancy color accurate monitor, and the other had a monitor he got off of a computer at work. Both computers had those quirky precision trackball mice and the Microsoft ergonomic keyboards. Can’t wait to play with him again. Very excited.

Super keen and can’t wait. I grew up with this game…

SO KEEN, lets start the release date speculation, will it be 17th oct 2017 make it true to the 20 year anniversary?
All i can say is wtb beta invite

I’m super excited! I’ve been hoping for a remaster since the release of AoE II HD. I’ve always been a fan of the AoE series, and the original’s my favourite!

I am. But not sure if I am that excited for this multiplayer beta. What about the campaign? Are they gonna fix the pop cap? ;(.

At first I thought they will make this one just like AOE2 HD. I mean just make water affects and higher resolution. But when I watch trailer, I get super excited !

At first I thought they will make this one just like AOE2 HD. I mean just make water affects and higher resolution. But when I get super exc

It definetly looks very good but, it seems like they are using the same old engine and that might make this just a good looking texture pack of the old game, hopefully they will put in some new content like a new campaign or new civilizations or something like that. Of course i would like to play it just for nostalgia’s sake but to play it for a longer time I’m gonna need a little more…

I cannot wait. I still play this all the time on my laptop. The graphics look amazing! I kind of hope there is new content, but even if it just a graphic update it will be worth its weight in SQUEEEEE.