Is anything done to people who unpause the games after you pause and give a reason?

I am sick of this. I gave a valid reason and then they unpause the game without asking.

I reported this, but is anything ever really done to these people?


i dont think there should be. when you agree to a ranked game you should play. your opponent can be nice and allow you to take a break, but they aren’t obliged to.

everyone can unpause the game for a reason


There shouldn’t be a penalty for unpausing, but there should be some morals in multigames. It is insane to dispose of the real life (calling for bizness, reseiving a delivery, asking family conversation, etc) for a rank match game. Surely long pause shouldn’t be allowed, but I’ll quit multigames if no pause is allowed.

Actually, some men unpause usually and immediately for many times, then look down the pausing opponent after the game ends for their win.


Allowing a pause it being friendly. You dont have the right to have a pause.

Why should i allow a pause from another player? I will probably allow it if it is short and you explain it, but that is just my own choice. I dont have to do that.


“When you gotta go you gotta go.” - Ian Malcom

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If you are busy you can always resign and queue again when you are free…also you said you gave a reason…doesn’t mean opponent accepted your reason, or if he understand your reason in your language.

Really hate this posture about pause in any game and specially on this game.
Too many AoE players are +20 and +30 years old people with real life imprevists to atend, just like @fleuret_jp said.
Sometimes these issues don’t take more than a couple of seconds or minutes to being solved but i have to quit a match and restart a new game only because of a disrespectful player and a poor pause mechanic.

I think each player could have a pause pool, for example, 5 min in real life.
Other players can’t unpause.
Each second of pause, deplet the player pause pool. Once you reach the 5 minutes you can’t pause anymore.

Each player should be allowed at least 1 minute of uninterruptible pause.
At least, I’d find it more pleasant that way.



Interesting idea…i’m definitely in the upper age range for this game. I have people that require my attention at home. Like I said, I had to take someone to the restroom, when I come back, the opponent had unpaused the game. I can’t prove it, but I think they were just trying to get to a certain elo. When I looked at the map after I quit, I really liked my position.

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Another possibility…

yeah, that’s why it’s polite to let your opponent pause

that’s 40 minutes of pausing in a 4v4

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Terrible idea. Very exploitable. The game is over and everyone on the losing side will pause for 5 minutes to annoy the winners. No thanks.


I think each player deserves a 1min pause once a game to solve the real life issues such as bathroom and open door.

The current 10 pauses, free to unpause does not make any sense

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1 or 2 minutes might be fine for each player in 1v1 games.

Team games don’t need a change. Your allies can watch the game and prevent unpausing while you are gone.

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Fair play?
I would understand if this was a FPS or a Racing, with a short game lenght. But it’s a RTS, a game last usually more minutes, so a pause can be necessary for people who have a real life.

Happened to me some days ago. I was winning the game. I needed to pause the game 2 minutes to help real life person. I came back just to notice that the opponent had unpause the game and took advantage from it.
Maybe I could recover and come back, but honestly I lost interest in that opponent.
Gave him the points and took another game.

It was ok just because it rarely happens: if it were the norm, if everyone were to lose the fair play attitude, I think I would quit playing ranked, or the game at all.
Luckily, the majority of players doesn’t think like you!

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5 minutes is way too long. 2 minutes tops. That’s enough time to go for a piss, get the door for Amazon or answer the phone to say you’ll call back. If something takes longer than that, you shouldn’t be playing games.


I think player should take a wc break far before the game starts and should resist for at least 1hr. And in my case I use pauses for battery changes charging cases, closing the door, as far as I think maximum 15 seconds of pause pool where no one can unpause and then on agreement of other players one can pause for few more seconds or minutes. And the number of pauses must be reduced for which pool pause can be applied it must be like only 2 or 3 times. And for which there is no restrictions like anyone can unpause must be 7 more. As usual it make 10 pauses. That’s it! I hope this must fix the issue. And Ian Malcolm says right for rest of the issues.

another one is unpausing me as I type this. I had to take someone to the restroom. Will admin do anything?

1 or 2 minute pause pool sounds reasonable tbh.


Even if you’re taking care of a handicapped person? So I can’t play games?