Is AOE 2 2013 A Better Game Than DE?

I played HD yesterday, it’s garbage. I didn’t realize in the last year how spoiled I’ve become with DE. HD is basically unplayable. This poll deserves 11 11 11 11 for even existing. 11


lmao x11 characters 11


I like simplicity. I prefer AOE 2 HD soundtrack and graphics. DE graphics look cheap like a mobile game.
EVERYTHING except gameplay itself is better in AOE 2 HD. I would love the gameplay of definitive edition with the soundtrack and menus of the HD version.

People have made mods like that. If I’m being honest, I strongly disagree, DE looks so much better than any previous version of the game ever did.


Yeah once you remove bloom and other effects, DE looks much better. The unit sprites in the old game look pixelated af while the DE units look amazing and well detailed especially with the UHD pack. I can’t take anyone seriously who prefers the HD graphics wise, sorry you’re just nostalgia blinded.


god i freaking hate bloom. I disable everything and enables sharpen and thats it.

though OP does have some stuff right. scenario players stay behind because its near impossible to port all of them over to DE, and classic game/competitve player would move on due to new balances, new civs and new features etc.

graphic nostalgia aside, there are things DE does well and things they done extremely poor.

  1. QoL features
  2. new civ, new in game features (for better or worse)
  3. keeping an old game alive
  4. better graphics?

for stuff thats done poor, which may contribute to multiplayer support being in the gutter (aside from ranked)

  1. restore for mods non-existent
  2. constant desync/ crash
  3. lag, more and more lag
  4. restore save file still on dial up speeds
  5. no steam workshop
  6. bugs kept reappaering

In my experience, DE runs much more smoothly than either of the previous versions of AoE2, despite the fact that I don’t have a particularly good computer (it was decent when it was new, but that was over 10 years ago). That’s not to say there aren’t problems, but for me at least those have been less game-breaking than problems I’ve had with the earlier versions. My main gripe about DE’s performance is its very long loading times.

Graphically, I prefer DE (with the various “effects” disabled), but sometimes I miss the old graphics from AoK/The Conquerors. It’s mostly nostalgia, but I also think that the 256-colour palette made the graphics crisper and sharper overall, especially for buildings and terrain. So I would really like a classic graphics mode in DE.

I never really got into HD edition. It doesn’t look as good as the original for a number of reasons: ugly cliffs, incorrectly scaled farms, fuzzy terrain textures when scrolling, water reflection effects that can’t be disabled, and some of the building graphics (especially for Slavs/Magyars) look pretty ropey. Plus most of the civ designs seem less interesting, especially for the Forgotten civs which are quite bland.


Very satisfying to see the results in favour of DE.

It’s a pity many conservatives are still stuck on 2013 just because of modding…

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I’m always a little surprised every time I see that someone has dredged up a years-old topic to make some insipid comment.

A lot of this is negated by the new triggers in DE, which allow you to do a lot of things that you could never do in HD without modding (theoretically - when they actually work), as well as just having access to more civs/units/editor objects. AOKTS support for DE scenarios would be awesome, but there are ways to get around that, however inconvenient. Even with the bugs though, the improved graphics and stuff like crumbling buildings makes it impossible for me to seriously contemplate returning to HD or even AoC, although I still have the CD.

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thats much generalization. I know many players that plays mostly mod are playing DE and not HD so your statement seems false.

besides, if you don’t play mod and have no interest in them, you wouldn’t understand having spend hundred or thousand of hours into your mod and only to have to redo them. very thoughtless of you to say that. its very clear DE mostly care about competitive scene because of esport money.

The ONLY thing I would even dare to say that was better in HD is Independent Architecture and Units and even then, that was a mod.

there is an option in the sound menu where you can switch to classic soundtrack. it’s a re-recording of the original soundtrack, so basically just better audio quality afaik. try it and tell me what you think

from what i understand HD was way laggier, that’s part of why voobly was created.

ewww x10 ewwws x10 more ews

ruining lobbies? You realise half the reason this game is so great is that those of use who can’t afford expensive pcs can play it? You realise not everyone lives in the first world and not everyone has a lot of money but we’re still people who like the game, are often good at the game, and started playing the game precisely because it caters to us as well? I’ll “ruin” as many lobbies as I like thank you very much.

This thread is two years old. Close it please. It’s no longer relevant. Insane necromancy has been performed.


Sad Kel’Thuzad noises

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Why not? What if people have a continuing interest in discussing this topic?

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That’s not what the option does
It just makes the order of the songs the same as the classic one, instead of being shuffled

There are mods to replace the music tho, which are really easy to install and built into the game


when we have 40 civ or so…and silly balance and bugs with every update, HD suddenly seems ok actually.

Wtf… DE balance, especially the current one is wayy much much better than HD/voobly.