Is Aoe 4 currently worth it?

hello, I wanted to know if the game has improved with the latest updates as well as with season two that is going to start, and especially if the game remains active in terms of number of online players. Personally, I really like the competitive mode, that’s why I wanted to know how the rankeds theme is, etc.

The game has gotten better If you have it and are looking to try it again give it a go and see what you think. If you don’t own it I would say don’t spend the $60 go get aoe 3 de instead it is a much better game and is $20, or if you like the medieval period best aoe 2 de also $20


You won’t have a problem ranked ladder matchmaking and balance seems to be in a decent place. It’s a decent game and I’ve spent a couple hundred hours playing it so it was worth it for me personally. It’s just not the next SC/SC2 where I can imagine myself playing for hours over the next few years.

I think DeMuslim put it best when he said “It’s the best worst game he’s played”. If you can overlook some of the smaller things there is enjoyable competitive gameplay.

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You could have said to try it for GP if you haven’t bought it yet. Being in the AoE4 section and recommending DE is somewhat inappropriate.

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That’s not inappropriate at all I recommended another aoe game that is better and will save someone $40, it’s not like I said don’t play AoE go play another rts series instead I am still advocating for the series it doesn’t matter what game. Geez


not worthy atm. too much unbalance originated by civ design

It is that he has not asked what AoE to play, but if it is worth playing AoE4 or not. I love 3, but I wouldn’t recommend the game in this section unless 4 is being abandoned.

I personally like this one more than AoE2 or AoE3… but, I only would recommend it if you can get it on sale

AoE4 just have to little content for a 60usd game

It doesn’t matter what section it is. Why don’t you go complain to all the people who talk about CoH and Total War games on the AoE forum because that would be inappropriate too. Also he asked is it worth playing which for $60 no, go play one of the other AoE games that are better and cheaper. I don’t see why you are getting all up in arms because someone said the other AoE games are better in the AoE 4 section, you’ve read enough here to know that is completely normal


If they want to complain about other games that are not AoE they have the off-topic section.

Go to the AoE2 section to tell someone that it is not worth buying, recommend AoE3 and you will see the answers.

It’s one thing that he has no intention of playing AoE4 anymore and you want to redirect him and it’s another that you try to recruit players for AoE3.

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Ok , whatever have it your way, be offended. I really don’t know why you are making this out to be a big problem . Peace :v:

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I do not blame you for it, it would be missing more. I have only made one review.

In this part of the forum we seek to grow the community, not that there are less and less, as you see.

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It won’t be worth its price tag for a long time, if ever.

It’s worth trying it out again, if you already own it, or investing in GamePass, if you haven’t, just to try it for much less and perhaps try other games as well.