Is AoE3 DE in a good place? Worth installing?

Hello age 3 players,
I am an aoe2 player and played 3 briefly when DE launched, it wasn’t in the greatest place and I left it alone. Playing the aoe4 beta has got me interested in asymmetry and I am thinking of giving aoe3 another try, is the game in a good place right now?



Well, they recently included 2 very well crafted new African civilizations with great maps and new tribes, and mercenary units.


Yes it’s in a great spot, better and more fun than ever, the 2 new civs are awesome as well.


It’s in a good place, we got a dlc recently, there are a few good tournaments coming up aswell.


It’s a great game in a good place.


It a great game and I would recommend getting into it. Game is in a good place, issues from bumpy release have been fixed


It’s in a great place if you want to enjoy the game and have fun playing really diverse civs, however at a top level for competitive play, the game is broken and many top players have left due to obscene balance patches.


Hopefully the imbalance will eventually be solved (Although a lot has already been worked on this) but it has not been enough. As for optimization for low-mid-range PCs, you also need a little more.


It’s a great game that is really fun to play. The devs have done a great job addressing issues with the AI in need of attention right now but I’m confident in the devs.

The African Royals DLC and USA civ are great. More players means more support and content so yes by all means enjoy it!


If you don’t mind the balance, it is excellent, otherwise don’t waste your money.

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Thanks everyone! appreciate the replies. I’ll give it a download for sure :slight_smile:


My top five all time favorite games (in no particular order):

  1. TIE-Fighter
  2. X-Com (original)
  3. X-Wing
  4. Civilization V
  5. Age of Empires 3

That’s some pretty good company there.

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You can wait for better discounts, there are still many errors and balances that need to be corrected.

The game is in a great state. The asymmetry is very fun, there is more to learn but more ways to play.

The main problems for me are the “RAM Leak” that make it so I have to restart the game often and not having a reconnect button since many players experience disconnect without an option to reconnect.


It’s a fantastic game with YUGE amount of content and DE received a lot of fixes and polish after the initial release. It’s a no-brainer.


Actually, fixing the framerate to 60 fixed any earlier crashes I had. Never crashed since, and “since” is a lot of ranked games…


I have some 500 ranked games without a crash. Maybe I’m a lucky one or maybe the internet magnifies problems that aren’t really an issue.

Same, no crashes at all.


game is good , but u might want to ask refund after some time u could play due to crash issues

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I take this back, Was playing with friends today and all together we spent about 2 hours in between 4 games, just trying to invite each other to play a ranked game. of those 4 matches in 2 of them an enemy dropped from a connection issue. In the last game we ended up playing against all African civs in the enemy team. If you dont know African civs are broken now. I spent 4 hours of my life playing (trying) today and 3/4 of the time was terrible. This game is like a toxic relationship, You dont want to leave but you have too.