Is AOM Retold coming this year?

Wait 2 weeks until Gamescom…there they could show something about the game…

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I will wait for sure :+1:

Would be nice to see sooner rather than later, before everything gets locked in with no chance to change things because launch is just around the corner again

Unless they don’t really want too much fan feedback or audience participation in ideas and decisions? I know there was a Community Council for AoE4, but I don’t know that it worked as well as hoped

Things like a poor zoom level being a dealbreaker for many could be known before the whole game is built around it. And it would be seen early enough that a monotone 2D icon-filled UI could raise many eyebrows and so maybe don’t do that or build out another option

AoMR is made in the same engine as AoE3DE and likely by the same people.
It’s likely that it will carry over AoE3DE features like the very far away zoom option.

AoE3DE was only revealed very shortly before release too so I’m afraid they’ll do the same again.
It was a much much smaller time window then AoE4 had.


And maybe abilities for the heroes…

What you’re saying is true, but there is no guarantee that the developers will alter things even if the game is revealed early and some elements do not meet player expectations. There is also the fact that when the first look for AoE4 was revealed, it was very different to what we actually got, with post-release updates and patches bringing the game closer to what was shown.
P.S. Personally, I don’t think they’ll show anything at Gamescom, but I could be wrong.

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we had 3 DE betas 6 months ahead of release tho, there was nothing so far on AOM Retold

I didn’t follow the pre release time of AoE3DE that closely but I think it was only closed betas, right?
I don’t think AoMR will release this year.
So if it releases in October 2024 then we got a lot of time until it’s 6 months before release.

But let’s hope they learned from the mistakes of the release of the previous games and are allowed to polish the game more before release.

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I don’t mind them taking longer time to polish the game as I don’t want another AoE 1 DE with them just releasing a half baked product then leave it completely.

However, with that in mind I do hope for some official gameplay at Gamescom later this month to have something to watch & look forward to which will help with the wait as well.


But otherwise they wouldn’t release it on the 20th anniversary and it would lose the magic a bit; also if they haven’t released a dlc for 3 DE so far it’s because they are working on Retold and it’s not that it takes too long to make a remaster, if 3 DE took a year to be done:

2017: 1 DE began to be made, it was launched in 2018…

2018: 2 DE began to be made, it was launched in 2019…

2019: 3 DE began to be made, it was launched in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic…

2020-2022: the dlcs for 2 and 3 DE were made

2022: Retold began to be made and its development was announced…

2023: Retold would be launched…

Yes, I expect gameplay at Gamescom now in August and release date for October of this year…


Honestly, I don’t mind if its given a longer launched date if it makes the game even better and grander than AoE1/2/3 counterparts.

A January release date would be awesome - sipping on some hot chocolate in the middle of a cold winter night while playing AoM:Retold.

I do expect another trailer at Gamescom but this time highlighting some gameplay footages and pictures.

I agree let them work on AoM Retold until it’s ready, I don’t want another AoE 1 DE all over again.

I want them to continue to support & work on AoM Retold for a long time in the future after the release.

Maybe come between October-December of 2023 or 2024…

Any news from Gamescom about this?

It will come next year

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i’m also looking for any, i wish they communicate more


So we got no news at Gamescom about Retold. Kinda bummed out. I really want this title next year!


exactly. I mean I personally already had the very certain feeling it wouldn’t come this year and that’s fine. Take your time. BUT
I really hoped for some news to drop on gamescom.

I don’t think most of us fans don’t need anything crazy just at least some news we can get a better image.

Like some more solid information in an interview, maybe a few alpha screenshots at best. So nothing crazy or much really.


I kinda feel like they just started working on AoMR when they announced it.
There is no news since the reveal last October therefor we can assume that it won’t release this year anymore.
Good chance the release is planned for October next year.

Good to know that I wasn’t the only one thinking that. IMO, they only even announced it when they did because fans of the game were clamoring for a DE version of AoM. And not mentioning anything about the game on the anniversary of the franchise might not have gone down too well. Otherwise, they might have taken even longer to announce it and start working on it.

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