Is AOM Retold coming this year?

Since the announcement, almost we didnt hear anything related to the developments of the AOM retold. Personally, for x box s h o w case I was expecting or maybe at least pc gaming show Tbh I am disappointed. AOM retold is the game which i am waiting for 2 years and we have no idea about it… Can you at least confirm that this game will be release this year.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t put my money on it being released this year. I would expect some news in the GamesCom at the earliest, and a release in 2024.

Also, I don’t know which 2 years are you talking about, since it was announced in October 2022, and that’s just 8 months ago. Just be patient and give devs the time they need to make the remaster AoM deserves.


What I mean by 2 years is that almost 2 years past after the release of the AOE 4 and they also released the AOE 3 definitive edition which means that the next game was going to be AOM Definitive edition or a new game. According to the X box’s calendar which they published AOM is coming this year. However, they didn’t show anything related to the game. I personally was expecting that they would show something in x box #### case which was a perfect time to show it but they didn’t mention anything related to AOE or AOM which makes me disappointed and makes me to question whether they stopped developing or the game will postpone because since the announcement, nothing mentioned about the game.

What Xbox calendar you’re talking about? I’ve checked the 2023 Xbox release list and there’s nothing hinting that. I’ve checked Wiki and also nothing about possible date is available at this moment.

They don’t really ever communicate much in advance.

One day we will wake up to the news that AoMR will release in a month or two. But I don’t think this day will be this year.

Until then we probably hear absolutely noting.


I agree. But I’d rather wait for them to take their time and release a polished game like AoE II DE rather than push out something half-finished quickly, like AoE IV, though its improved a lot since release.


Can’t agree more…
But they seem to be working on AoE IV… They’ve released 2 monsters on AoE IV…

I do not have problem with waiting. My problem is that they do not showing anything or informing us about the development. I do not expect anything else apart from the communication.

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In the end it doesn’t matter. Not every developer is obliged to follow a small indie team communication strategy, with releasing vlogs, dev dairies etc. It’s uncommon, especially among companies on this level. Not talking about dev themselves, but Microsoft that overseeing and managing these projects.

Starfield is their megahit and most important (console) exclusive release for this year. And we got the first deep dive now, three months before release.
Development can be troubled and the game can be pushed to 2024, or scrapped even in an extreme case (in favor of AoM2 if this project got too big for example).

If they are not showing anything it means most likely they don’t have anything worth showing now.
AoM was released in October/November. They can release Retold on that anniversary, and do a presentation in August.

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You might be right but wouldn’t be good to hear some new about a game which are expecting to see for 8 months since the first release ?

There are a thousand possibilities and it’s really pointless to speculate.

Would it be? I don’t know, the point of marketing is to create name recognition, rev up preorders, gather interest etc. If they don’t have anything then again- what do you want to hear? ‘Sorry fans, we still have a big mess of a code here, wait some more’. It doesn’t have any value.
Arguably AoE IV showed too much, and people were complaining when comparing earlier graphics, model quality, camera zoom etc. Showing some unfinished maps or unit models would be cool, but wouldn’t make the game come out any sooner.

Again- the most important game for the entire company was really revealed just now three months before the release. I want to hear about Retold at least few months before release, but we don’t have a date.
If this thing is coming out Xmas '23 or Q1 2024, what would they show now?

Development might be troubled, for all we know game could’ve been scrapped and they began again.
8 months also means nothing. TES VI was announced and will come up even 4-6 years after that reveal.

There’s enough implications and mumblings around that heavily confirm Retold is going to be more than just “Extended Edition but much better and with fancy graphics” (especially on the official AoE Discord) - with the heavily implied transition to BANG2.0 (aka AoE3 version of the AoM Engine) and likely reimagining of various units, buildings, campaign maps etc (likely for “historical/mythical accuracy reasons”, engine-limitations between map data, etc)

So really I wouldn’t expect to hear much news this year either - people will be lucky to hear anything from GamesCom, the 26th Anniversary or the 20th Anniversary for The Titans. I guess 2024 would commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Ensemble dropping support for the game :man_shrugging:


Microsoft Games always have the same kind of communication :

  1. Announcement
  2. Disapearing for over 6 months
  3. No News about Microsoft but activities on Steam
  4. Release

They are not into the hype at all, it was the same with every single AOE2 DLC


Well, based in my experience, probably we will get a trailer in October/November of this year, and then, the release windows in the same period of time but next year.

So basically we are getting retold in October/November of 2024.

Please take your time.
Please learn from the aoe4 launch.
Please let it mature before release.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Eaxactly, I would much rather they take their time. There is a reason classic AoM still is so beloved, if they put as much effort into the remake it will live on for another 20 years.


Yes, especially if it has the 3 DE graphic engine, it will pass over AoE 4 for scandal…


I would much rather they take their time. There is a reason classic AoM still is so beloved, if they put as much effort into the remake it will live on for another 20 years.

Well said, I was about to write basically the same. A high-quality Retold would be amazing, if it takes time, so be it.

Don’t get me wrong, but I said AoM DE was coming out because of some clues, and some guys told me I was totally wrong. And I think, like others said too, I can wait if it takes more time to get a complete game instead of an incomplete one :slight_smile:
But IMHO, the game will be released this year, but they’re taking their time to announce it, like the last Roman DLC for AoE II. They didn’t said a word until it was the time.