Is boar/sheep laming skill or luck?

Well the question is boar/sheep laming skill or luck? There is a back and forth going on right now and the crux of the argument is luck or not. Please place you vote to settle this once and for all. You are welcome to explain why you think one way or another.

  • It is luck
  • It is skill

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Objectively there is an element of both but people are too tribal to say otherwise. For example, not everyone can manage their base and lure the opponent’s boar without mistakes (or at all) and depending on the map you may find these difficult to find. Should the question not be whether or not there is more skill or luck involved? In any event, I do not think that this answers whether these tactics should be changed. Personally I am still torn on this issue.

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Bit of both obviously

of course laming sheep is much easier than laming boar, but even that is not a problem for high level players


You should add a third option saying “both” because it is both.


Mix of both just like anything else.

Sometimes you send your scout forward and happen to find sheep or a boar that your opponent hasnt. Sometimes you eat a TC. Luck or skill?

Sometimes you send an army into the dark and end up finding your opponents at the right moment he sends 10 vills to build a TC. 20s later you do not damage, 20 earlier he isnt there.


If your scouting is right, then:

  1. You will always find your sheeps / boars before your opponents will scout your based (or he is really trying to lame you and goes forward with stealing something as goal).
  2. If you pay attention they you can almost always guarantee you dont run into the enemy TC. If you are close, then stick towards the trees, mines, berries, …

Scouting is not just luck, but a skill. You have to know how to scout and where to scout. The same is true for scouting to lame.

In the end everything has a skill or a luck part. Laming is no exception, but i voted for skill. There is a reason why laming is mostly done at higher levels. I would see: have a look at the steals at 1000 elo or lower. You might accidently run into the sheeps of the enemy because of scouting, but you will see very few boar steals.

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it is completely a luck and not skill at all, it is so clear to see that.

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Right answer is bit of both, but you need to have a certain level of skill to do a successful lame while keeping your dark age crisp. No point luring a boar if your eco is in shambles.

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Almost always. So its luck AND skill. My point exactly.

Completely? Dude, people at 1100 ELO (the average) loses villagers to their own boars. Hell, pro players lose villagers to their own boars some times… And its way more difficult to lame than to lure a boar that is 15 tiles away from your TC. I bet anyone 1100 ELO or lower that tries to lame a boar will do more damage to themselves than to the opponent UNLESS… (drum roll)… he trains it a lot.


It is neither luck, nor skill… it is an art



Who cares about the stupid Elo?! I want to ask you something: can you lame a thing that you can’t see it?

The average player isnt able to steal a boar. That shows it is skill related. So it isnt

like you claimed.

your statement is clearly wrong.

Are you talking about invisible boars? Never heard about that feature in the game…

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At low level laming a boar is a skill, but personally i don’t know a single person abive 1300 who struggles laming one.
At high level laming a boar is 100% only luck.
Laming sheeps is 100% only luck.


It’s neither, it’s a strategic decision.

For example if you send your scout forward very early in the game to find enemy sheep you can’t scout as much at your base.
→ this is good if you want to drush FC as you find your enemy early (-> good for your early rush) and slow him down aging up as you deny food…
→ this can be really bad if you want to do a fast scout rush as you might not find all of your sheep/food in the dark age and can’t lure deer (as your scout is over at the enemy base…)

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In ladder arabia, where both boars and sheeps can spawn towards your enemy, sometimes pretty far from your TC aswell, laming is 100% luck. Sometimes it happened to me to accidentally lame enemy sheeps, thinking that they were mine.

In tournament maps, with better sheeps and boars location, you can make the case there’s some skill involved.

I dont understand any of your questions. Elo is a reflection of skill. You claim something is not skill based and I am stating that under a certain level of skill, players cant lame boars properly, causing more issues than the food/wood gained. Not sure what you mean by invisibility.

It is a neutral resource that is distributed in a balanced fashion, just because its evenly distributed and within a certain distance of each player, doesnt mean he is entitled to have it and nothing should be done about it. The distance between sheep and TC is equal for both players (though there is variation between games).

Might as well have the sheep spawn under the TC or simply start with 800f, if you were not supposed to eventually lose a sheep or boar here and there.

how about both? if u n#know how to lame but u cant find the boar it is for nothing

Not luck at all… maybe the map generation favors laming in one match, but laming itself is not luck… Is like you say Drush+FC is luck because you have an walling-friendly map