Is cross play working at all?

So my friend plays through xbox game pass for PC and I am on steam. I downloaded the xbox beta app linked my steam account and added him as friends on there also I did the same for xbox console companion(why the ■■■■ do they need that I don’t know.) When I launch age of empires on the top right I see that I can sign into xbox live and I do that, I can only send him one invited before the button is grayed out.He doesn’t see anything when I send him an invite. But if he send me an invite I see his invite an and I try to join but nothing happens it gives me an unknown error. We are both on win 10 1909 and cross play is enabled but his game version through 101.101.32875.0 and mine through steam is 101.101.32911.0 why are the versions not the same?

crossplay isn’t enabled currently because of different versions.