Is gunprowder infantry unit (hand cannoner) a bit too weak?

First, a short Summary:

  1. I think, Hand Cannoneer’s cost-performance is TOO LOW.
  2. They cost 120f/120g, same time Ritter are 140f/100g. (same Resources cost, or may say HC is more expensive. (because gold costed more))

And here are my suggestions:

  1. callback HC’s damage changes or add a advance research in Universität (new copy from campaign).
  2. Or give it a range upgrade (Range to 5).
  3. Or reduce the cost to 60f/120g. (streltsy to 45f/90g) {or 120f/60g (90f/45g)}


  1. IF there are some new attack method ( algorithm ), that can avoid damage overflow?

Actually, now hand cannoneer has no advantages over cross bower. They take similar duty, have similar damage, but hand cannoneer have shorter range.
Both counter by siege machine. But HC is more expensive. They are the most expensive unit expect for sieges.

In aoe2, HC is used to counter infantry and beaten by the crossbow.
However, in aoe4 HC lost its position since siege is too strong to counter any non-cav units.
If there is no siege, I think HC is fine since no unit can really beat a group of HC. However, that’s not the case.

I think they’re pretty good. HC is much better vs non armored units than crossbow i.e. spears, horsemen and tower elephants. Use line formation to reduce overkill damage. Since their cost is so high I’m a fan of healing them. I mostly play Abbasid which makes the healing pretty easy.

Hand cannoner is often used with springald and trebuchet in the match. The springald is in charge of the enemy’s bombard and Hand cannoners play the role of bombard. I agree that they should have an upgrade technology in university. They should have more damage

Chemistry in the university is already an upgrade for their damage, as handcannoners are also gunpowder units

The HC feel very balanced to me. They are pop efficient, which is what tilts the battle in the late game to your favor. Their cost is next to meaningless in the ultra late game where they should be used, as the strongest military wins not the cheaper one.
In the very beginning of the late game I still use different units, and then transition to HC after gaining more resources and map control. Its a very viable unit IMO. Pop efficiency is super important in those stages of the game.

The unit is balanced now, the damage used to be quite high before and the devs had to bring it down.

Sorry I didn’t know before. That sounds great if so