Is Hand Cart a luxury tech?

Mostly asking for myself.

Hand cart is like 300f 200w (from memory, it could be something slightly different), but the main issue is that it costs food and it slows your Imperial age time significantly (by 300f which can be up to 1 min). At the same time, it’s a tech that compared to Wheelbarrow, probably doesn’t impact your eco as much unless you are sitting on 100+ vills. In short, payback time seems dubious while for Wheelbarrow payback time is typically only a few minutes.

What do you think? I see a lot of pros lately research it in late castle age (on ladder, where nobody rly cares about “getting first treb out” type of thing), but imo it’s a mistake. I think you should get this tech in early Imp. Thoughts?

If you have a long drawn out castle age, I’d say get it earlier than later, because you need that good economy, but usually it makes sense to get it on the way up to Imp from my experience.
In general it is a more flexible tech that you want to get when you can afford it, I wouldn’t prioritise it like wheelbarrow though

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When I made my boom calculation I threw in HC aswell and figured out that it’s not worth making HC befor you have your final amount of TCs. (at least in 200 pop games)
So yeah, it’s quite situational tech usually only made when you are basically already fully boomed.

It’s not a bad tech, just too expensive in comparison.

I’d say it depends on your farm numbers mostly. If you have 4 tcs and you approach 40 farmers just get it in castle age. It will slow your imp time down by max 30 seconds. If you have less than 30 farmers I wouldn’t get it in castle age and prioritize going imp (or spending food elsewhere).


Look at Vinchester’s games, he tends to get Hand Cart as soon as possible. I’ve seen a number of games where it was one of the first things he researched in Castle Age (and was very successful with it).

I wouldn’t say it’s always the correct decision to get it that soon, but it’s not only a boost to the economy, but can also be helpful

  • for agression, if you send a Villager forward (e.g. for a Siege Workshop)
  • for defense, if you want to quick wall and need to get there as fast as possible
  • for safety, if you want to garisson Villagers in TCs or other defensive structures as soon as possible

I would just recommend doing what you think is best. Its effects are potent, but there are always other considerations.

What are you talking about? Play Vikings