Is it bug or intended? Hausa University's range card

Hi folks. I’ve been testing some things and two cards have caught my eyes although I had never used them:

Massina Madrasahs(III)
Universities get +10 LOS. Nearby villagers gather mines and trees 30% faster

Gobarau Minaret(I)
Universities improve nearby buildings’ construction and work rate

I have tested them. Massina improves LOS, but it doesn’t improve the effect RANGE.

I’ve always thought that this was a subtle consequence for buildings (because units expressly describe “range” and “LOS”).
It ends up being a very mediocre card: by the time you reach Fortress Age any nearby mine or tree close to your base will be gone and the effect range is so short… it makes Gobarau Minaret really not great. Not worth a AGE III card slot at all:

1) University with Massina

The circle is the University’s natural range and AOE. The LOS outside of it is the +10 LOS from Massina

2) University with +14 LOS

This one is the last pic with + 4 LOS from gas lightning

Is this intended for sure or the devs overlooked them? Because it would have made sense increasing the LOS by a lot (+10 los) and the effect range by the same or just a little.

Hausa already has so many cards that boost gather rates and none to increase university range, so I was assuming this one would trade off solid overall gather-rate cards for just trees and mines (almost depleted by Fortress Age) only if they exist near the university (which would make sense and be balanced).

Perhaps it’s a card intended for Treaty? Even so it would’ve quickly gone to waste considering that a big chunk of AOE for trees would cripple the range for mines.
And if you aim for multiples mines you’d definitely cripple the trees.
It would also hinder the range to reach multiples buildings that boost your influence generation, so you would have to choose influence or trees/mines.

Part of me tells me this card was made to increase AOE too. :thinking: :thinking: