Is it just me or is path finding worse in DE?

Ok so I am only playing campaigns at this stage but it seems the path finding is actually worse in this than it was in HD. Units sometimes won’t even find and use a gate that is a few tiles away and run straight into a wall when told to go to the other side of it. I have seen units just stand around and not do anything because of a few obstacles like houses being in their way which created some choke points. Are people having similar experiences?


I have this impression as well. In DE, units sometimes run into a dead end and don’t know what to do when walls / buildings are in their way. In HD, I never observed such a problem.

I also experiencing some troubles with the path finding, especially when I move siege units. I hope it will be getting better soon. By the way, It’s today far better, less buggy, as on AoE1:DE.

Its so disappointing when the path finding was marketed as an improved version of HD’s path finding… I mean I never even thought the path finding in AOE2 was bad until now :frowning:

Also I am noticing if I tell a unit to get in a transport ship I have to manually move the ship right up to the unit or there is no away it will happen. The unit will walk to the edge of the water and the ship will be like 1 tile away and they’ll just sit there starring at each other. This is seriously bad, even AOC in 1999 wasn’t like this.

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Exactlt, transport ships are dumb and it can be very risky to drop or embark 10 units. It dosn’t work well.