Is it ok to use a cheat offline?

If I want to test something in the game but I can’t find other people to cooperate with me, is it ok to use a cheat offline? For example, I want to test a all-tech civilization by using a bug that garrisoning a white TC can control it and create villages of another civilization as normal. However, in order to achieve that, I must pick Chinese for dynasty system and beat French and Delhi in dark age for their first lankmarks. It’s impossible for me to beat 7 AI in dark age even if they’re all easy AI. So I want to try doing it by using a cheat, but I don’t know if it’s safe to my account or not.

As long as you aren’t ruining multiplayer I don’t see anyone giving you trouble for messing around.
For example, a lot of people just make an easy custom map so they can unlock masteries.