Is it possible to create units that actually expire?

I want to create temporary workers to use them as Terran Mules in starcraft.

You call them using a big button at the Town Center. They spawn and work for a set ammount of time before dissapearing. A text should inform the player they have left your colony

I’ve been looking to the code of units and I’ve found out that some of them have the LifespanUnit tag. But these unit get their hp depleted and stay at 1, and I have yet to see a tech that activates a timer.

Is it even possible to achieve this with the current code?

Pourquoi pas une jauge d’énergie qui baisse lentement, lorsque ça atteint 0 hop l’unité disparait, après si ça ne marche pas et que vous ne trouvez pas, autant le faire sur les HP de l’unité non ?

Ou alors un passif qui se charge comme cd et lorsqu’il est chargé l’unité disparait.

Yes, you must use <Lifespan>TIMEYOUWANTYOURUNITTOUSE</Lifespan>


Thank you as always!

Now that we are at it. Do you know how can I properly replace the german model during the idle, walk and bored animations? It currently looks like this.

I’ve managed to make the unit vanish without playing the death animation using the AlphaFadeLifespan

(Devs should use it with the Oldenberg baloon)