Is it possible to port AOE 1 DE maps on AOE 2 DE?

Hi everyone, being playing the original AOE and AOE 2 for almost two decades, but I am a bit new to the online Defintive Edition communities, especially on AOE 2 DE, since I always prefered played AOE 1 over 2.

Now, I was wondering whether it is possible to port maps and scenarios created on AOE 1 DE to the AOE 2 DE Editor. I want to port my AOE DE campaigns to AOE 2 DE thanks to the Return of Rome DLC, but I am not willing to remake the entire maps from scratch. Can you port the map and fix the eye candy details, triggers etc from AOE DE to AOE 2 DE RoR or is it impossible?

Thanks in advance.

There’s a tool for the CD Version of AoE 1, I’m not sure if it’s also compatible with 1 DE - normally it should work as afaik 1 DE uses the same file format as the CD Version:

I was able to copy-paste the map from the 1st Egyptian mission through this tool, but you have to manually place the trigger again for your scenario.

Moreover, Filthydelphia ported some of his custom 1 DE campaigns to RoR, so you could ask him how he’s done it.

It’s perfectly possible. I have done it myself, but you need to know a little of hex editing.
Basically, what I did was copying the data directly from a Age 1 DE scenario to a Rise of Rome scenario and then use GenieEdit.

HOWEVER, this may result in some, and in a few cases, almost all, units not getting copied. What I HAVEN’T tested is copying the data directly from a AoE1 DE file to a 2 DE file, because I don’t own Return of Rome.