Is it possible to use the Enhanced Graphics DLC on alternate (Steam) accounts?

Hello. I got that DLC working fine on my main account, but every time I login on alternate accounts, the “Enhanced Graphics Pack” setting in the options menu appears greyed out. Is this some sort of aoe2 / steam limitation or am I missing something?

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no you cant same with payed dlcs

Not that I’ve been able to figure out. I definitely downloaded it correctly on the alternative account and it works on the primary account.

no you cant same with payed dlcs

If you are using the Family Library Sharing (Steam menu->Settings->Family->Family Library Sharing) and the alternate account on the same computer does NOT own the primary game, then the paid DLC (Lords of the West) will share just fine. I just tried it and it works.

I don’t understand. I have both my main and alternate accounts all running on the same computer. From what you’re saying it should then work fine?

Poor phrasing on my part.

It does not seem possible to install or share the free Enhanced Graphic Pack on shared accounts.

It is possible to share the paid DLC Lords of the West on Family Library Share Steam accounts on the same computer if the shared account does not own the main game. Here is proof:

To those wondering, the shared account is a smurf account where I can play lobby unranked games while having an adult beverage when I’m tired after a long day’s work. If I try to use my main account, my moderate rating gets me kicked and forces me to play with overly serious players who get angry if you aren’t trying your best. I’m just trying to chill.

Ah, I see. That was also my experience. I could share the LotW DLC but not the graphics pack one. :frowning: